#DoonaMoments – Trip To The Doctors

So our first trip out with our new Doona which we’ve been sent to review was going to be on a dog walk, but then we remembered Charlotte sadly had her immunisations that afternoon, and what better opportunity than a quick trip to the doctors for her first ride. We usually carry Charlotte from the car park to the doctors which can be a mission at times as we carry a toddler in the other arm and as she gets heavier, the strain is increasing on our arms.

Now if you’ve not heard the genius that is the Doona, it’s a car seat which basically turns into a pram at the touch of a button. I actually had to have it in my hands to believe it; I remember squealing that it even had on/off breaks when I first got it out the box. I’ll be providing a more in-depth review over time, but I thought I would share a series of posts with you of where we’ve used the Doona and how it’s made our busy family life that little bit easier.

#DoonaMoments Trip To The Doctors