Neuner’s Nursing Tea

One of the questions I am often asked by other Breastfeeding mother’s is how can they increase their supply when it is starting to dwindle.  From personal experience, I can’t answer as my supply isn’t something I’ve struggled with to date but I have heard that one of the available options is to seek out fenugreek which can help boost a mother’s milk supply.

When told that you may wonder how and where to seek such a thing out? And how would you even consume it? Well, Neuner’s have the answer within their nursing tea. I don’t know about you, but I do love my tea, but I do feel guilty consuming it while Breastfeeding, with all that caffeine in and my new need to put sugar into it. Well, Neuner’s Organic herbal tea is free from both those things and instead contains fennel, caraway and aniseed which helps to unwind both mother & baby.


Apparently, nursing tea has been used by breastfeeding mothers for years to help nurture and support them during this particular stage. Knowing that it is something which has been used for long so gives me faith in it like you do any product which has been around for so long. I got sent some to try out seeing as we’ve started our Breastfeeding journey again.

I have firstly found it rather refreshing, especially drinking it in this rather nice weather. I do not usually like herbal teas so was pretty sure it wouldn’t be to my taste but I rather enjoyed the flavour. It was different to other herbal teas I tried in the past, and that aniseed flavour made it stand out from the crowd. It has replaced my morning tea, and I have already bought my second box as I’ve found to a great away to start my days.

How would you like to try it for itself? Well, Neuner’s have given me three boxes of Nursing Tea to give away. To be in with your chance of winning I would like to hear your tips for boosting milk supply, leave yours in the comment box below the rafflecopter entry box. For extra chances of winning then give them a follow over on Twitter and Facebook.
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