Fisher Price Rainforest Newborn To Toddler Rocker

I’m always raving about Fisher-Price toys lasting so much longer than I originally thought they would and the Fisher-Price Rainforest Newborn To Toddler Rocker is no exception. We’ve been reviewing our Fisher-Price products with baby Charlotte in mind but they’ve also been of use for Dylan who at 2 is not long out that baby stage himself but well into that toddler stage. So we’re going to take this review right from newborn to toddler stage so you can see for yourself how fantastic this rocker is from birth to 2+.

setting up

Setting up was a breeze, you simply just had to attach the fabric seating to the frame. Putting it in newborn mode meant clicking in the green button which is on both sides which allows you to change it to 1 of 3 positions. You can choose to have it in calming vibration mode if you wish. The two straps underneath the rocker allow you to securely put it into its various positions. You can also choose to use it with or without the toy bar.


The one aspect to this rocker which I’ve noticed is different from most other rockers, is the deep seat to it. Charlotte is so happy when placed into it and I’m pretty sure it’s because that position cradles her, leaving her feeling rather secure and comfortable. I like the fact that placing her in it means the seating adapts to her body and her weight, not the other way round.

2014-06-15 15.14.58

Charlotte is so relaxed whenever she sits in her rocker bouncer, as well as that cradle sit, I think being strapped in helps to make her feel secure as well as keep her safe. She’s rather petite but still, the straps tighten up enough to fit her perfectly.

fp rocker

As she’s got older, she’s progressed to taking notice of the toy bar with its two overhead toys. She loves reaching out her hand to whack them around as well as holding on to them. I think this is great at encouraging her hand and eye coordination. The hanging toys hang low enough for her to reach but high enough to not be in her way.

2014-06-15 15.18.53

I just love the fact that this chair can be shared by her older brother and how him using it shows me that she’ll still be using it 2 years later. The photos show the straps being used but that’s because he loves using straps on sits (loves sitting in trolley’s) but they can be hidden away if they’re not needed. When it’s in the upright position, Dylan can sit up straight comfortably.



He likes the toy bar just as much as his sister and at this age where he’s learning so much, we’ve used it as a learning tool so we ask him to ‘point to the lion’, ‘what sound does the lion make’ & we point to the colours on the block and talk him through those. When we’re not using the toy bar, it easily clicks off. When not in use, the rocker folds down for us to put away though we’ve not been able to do this much as the kids enjoy using it so much.

toddler fisher price rocker

So I’m liking everything about the Fisher-Price Rainforest Newborn To Toddler Rocker, it’s convenient and suitable for both the child at both their completely different stages. The rocker is bright and colourful, it’s made to last so no worries about handing it down to any future siblings.


The only thing I’m not liking is the RRP of £69.99. I’m finding it rather expensive for what it is but that frugal side of me loves the fact it will last from birth to toddler meaning you’re saving what you might spend on seats for different stages.