When Things Go Wrong

But as I now sit down and think about it, I guess in reality it wasn’t much at all. It just seemed to of all gone wrong because it did. Looking back I can laugh, laugter helped of course by the treat of a takeaway and a chilled strawberry cider in hand. My day started at 4.30am for both a feed and to hubs getting ready for work, along with the sound of the rain. Hearing the rain woke me and had me crying out ‘oh no;’. You see I had left the clothes out the night before, I know in reality it wasn’t a big thing, but it did quite upset me. It would have been dry & ready to put away; I have been doing well to keep on top of the washing. It wasn’t a great start to the day.

Waved goodbye to the man to then only hear the doorbell go off, I thought he had left keys or phone behind. I walked downstairs while feeding Charlotte, silly enough to turn on the downstairs light which rather shocked her and woke her up from that feeding state. I opened the door to him saying that the car wouldn’t start. Fab stuff. Like really fab stuff. So while he phoned work to say he would be late, I tried to phone for a taxi for him seeing as he works the other side of town and it was chucking it down. Apparently, no taxis like to work in our town around the time of 6 am. I must have tried at least several numbers.

In this time, Oli woke up not feeling well, the hubs had to walk to work, and I was praying that bedtime would soon come back around as I was already tired of the day. Come breakfast time, I had already made several phone calls and hadn’t got anywhere. I had realised I messed up something I was doing for a brand blogging wise, I had done the wrong thing and in my blurry state had read previous emails wrong. Just doh. Oh and around this time we discovered Oli’s glasses were broke, so out came the spare pair.


By this time I think I was going along in a blur, seeing to the boy’s needs and Charlotte’s and trying to sort out the car. Our neighbour kindly came and took a look at it but couldn’t get anywhere with it, queue me then phoning around garages. It seems everyone’s car wanted to not work at the same time. I then remembered we were with RAC and maybe they could do something. Ok, I was wrong, we were with AA. So they both do the same thing, easy mistake. So I phoned the AA who were rather friendly and arranged for someone to come out in the next couple of hours. So that part was painless. If only I hadn’t ripped my NEW jeans on the radiator on the run to the front door to see what make our car was as I had a total mind blank.

As we were signing a form to accept that we wouldn’t blame them for the damage to the car if it is broke in the process of getting the key out the ignition, I couldn’t help but think that our unlucky day would just see this happening. Thankfully he sorted it and got the key out, and our car is now sat in the garage. I won’t put thought to the cost just yet.

Other things happened, but in the scale of things, nothing happened to any of us. So I had to rewash the clothes, the man had to walk to work, Oli was better a few hours in and running riot with his brother. But all 5 of us sat down this evening to enjoy an Indian takeaway. We’ll ignore the fact we accidentally let Dylan have the hot sauce with his poppadoms.