Stokke Steps Tea Party With Kiddicare

We were invited to a tea party last week, but it wasn’t just any kind of tea party. It was a tea party at Kiddicare (HUGE baby & toddler store) to have a private demonstration of the new Stokke Steps highchair. Of course, Stokke being one of our favourite brands and having never visited Kiddicare before, we jumped at the chance to come along.

Now sadly we missed the group demonstration thanks to one wrong turn meaning we spent half hour longer on the motorway and then we hit traffic. We arrived just as the raffle to win a ‘Stokke Steps highchair’ was being announced, and what name did we hear but mine. Like major squeal,  we were rather hot and bothered and I think the man’s stress levels had gone through the roof so that really made us smile. We were then handed a goody bag and told that our afternoon tea was ready in the cafe.

After lunch, Chris from Stokke kindly gave us the demonstration of the Stokke Steps highchair. Ever since I first saw the Stokke Steps released I’ve been in two minds to if I actually liked it. We’re very much a Tripp Trapp family, with a few of those around our table. But I was open-minded about it, every single Stokke product I’ve used and we do own a fair few of them have been some of our top rated baby products. So I actually put off getting Charlotte the newborn set for her Tripp Trapp in case we liked the new Steps highchair.

Like all of Stokke’s products I was impressed how the Steps went from newborn and beyond, people often question me on the cost of our Stokke products but you’ve really got to think about it in terms of how long it lasts you, the quality of it and how that quality lets you pass it onto future babies. The same applies to the Steps and its various additional add-ons to take you from one stage to the next. You have the Stokke Steps Chair which looks rather great by itself, then you can purchase the Steps Bouncer, Steps Baby Set, Steps Baby Set Tray or/and Steps Baby Set Cushion.

We tried Dylan in it, he sat on the chair and started looking for straps. He has this obsession with straps on all his sisters baby stuff, he loves trying to figure them out. So we sat him into the chair with the baby set on. At the age of 2, I was impressed at how roomy it was for him and just how comfortable he looked. I have to admit I did like the way the footplate easily moved down to adjust to his size. With our Tripps Trapps, we have to hunt out our trusty align key to be able to adjust the footplate. We watched as Jo popped her little one into the Steps bouncer, I was rather impressed at how this doubles from a floor bouncer to a sit which allows your baby to join you at the table once it’s added on to the chair. I also liked how 5 point harness was the same to the ones used on the Stokke Strollers we’ve come to use and trust so much.

After we had found all we wanted and needed to know about the Stokke Steps highchair, we went and browsed the store. I’ve only ever shopped online at Kiddicare before and have been doing so the last 5 years. It was only a few weeks ago I treated myself to a new Stokke Parasol for our Stokke Xplory & a rather cute hello kitty toy for Charlotte because the prices were so great. We found the same in-store, and we discovered Kiddicares own clothing range ‘Nutmeg’ if it wasn’t for a feeding baby in one arm, I might have piled my arms up with new clothes for the kiddies. I, however, did grab Charlotte a t-shirt for when she’s 18mths, yeah so what if she’s only 11 weeks at £1.5o it was a right bargain. Not only did Charlotte get a new t-shirt but she also got cuddles from the lovely Jennie. We had a fantastic day and we rather pleased to be going home with our very own Stokke Steps and a rather cool goody bag filled with a toy for Charlotte & the Stokke Table Top.