Shoe Shopping With Clarks

2014-03-29 16.00.16We’ve used Clarks lots of times in the past, they always have been our first port of call when it comes to the children’s first pair of shoes in life. We had our first experience of buying school shoes last year as Oli starting school for the first time. Of course, like his first pair of shoes in life, we returned to Clarks for his first pair of school shoes.

We experienced three different Clarks stores in our attempt to hunt down a pair of shoes for Oli to review; he was the one needing new ones, so we decided to let him choose new shoes for himself. I applaud his choice; he could have easily picked ones with flashing lights of even some with funky neon coloured laces. But instead, he picked some rather smart ones which he could do up easily himself with velcro. I think we’ll make the next pair of Clarks shoes, ones with laces so he can start to learn how to tie them.

When we went into our first store, we were greeted by friendly staff and pointed towards a ticketing system where they would call our number when it was our turn. While waiting, we browsed the shoes, though we were seen pretty much straight away. In the time it took me to take that photo of the shoe stand.

Checking the size has changed slightly since we last visited, they had this clever device hooked up to an iPad so Oli could get involved with the process. I’m not sure if this is available in all Clarks shops but I was impressed at how grown up this made Oli feel, he was in control of helping to discover his exact size as well as shoes.

Clarks Shoes

Sadly they didn’t have the shoes Oli picked in stock, but we told them we were in another town the next day where we knew there was a Clarks store so we would try there. They printed out the name of the shoe for us as well as Oli’s shoe size. They didn’t have it in stock as well, they were just as helpful and told us to try online and showed us the same pair in another colour but we all agreed that the original pair Oli picked were the ones we all liked. We decided to try our own local Clarks in our town for our third attempt if anything this has shown us that the fantastic customer service has been consistent in each store we visited.

Clarks Shoes Cheltenham

2014-03-29 16.01.17We were out of luck in our local store; they must be popular shoes. That and my five-year-old has a common size, but then looking at the shoes, they are a fab choice for five-year-olds. Practical for all those boy activities as well as making them looking rather smart at the same time. We decided this time to look online and took the lady’s advice about ordering into the store, something I never knew you could do. So when I got home, I found the shoes online and indeed ordered the into the store for free. This free part impressed me; we didn’t know if that size would fit Oli and we didn’t know if they would suit him until he tried them on.

A few days later I got a txt to let me know they had arrived in store for us to go and try, they were perfect, and we handed over the voucher to pay for them. Not at any point did they know we were reviewing this service and judging every move they made. Like always, we were impressed at every bit of help and advice we got in getting Oli his new pair of shoes.


Clarks shoes