Rotavirus Vaccine

It seems since my boys were born and since the last baby immunisations we had to take Dylan to, they’ve introduced a new vaccine – the Rotavirus vaccine. Now I remember both my Midwife and Health Visitor or could have just been one of them who mentioned it, but like me not remembering who, I didn’t pay much attention. But of course, that’s rather understandable when you’ve had a new baby. One of them left a leaflet booklet about immunisations, but that got lost somewhere underneath all those new baby cards and various letters that came through the door I’m sure I’ll find it sometime next year.

So safe to say I completely forgot and didn’t look much into this new immunisation before the day came for Charlotte’s first set of jabs. It was when I was listening to the nurse list off what she was going to have to hand me the form to sign that I was informed about this new Rotavirus vaccine. I instantly became uncomfortable and wary of this new introduction, not something the boys had as it was introduced after Dylan’s immunisations in July 2013, so it’s not even a year old yet. I knew nothing about it, and I hadn’t discussed it with the husband. The nurse could sense my unease and sent me away with some materials about it and with me saying I’ll do my homework before I agree to Charlotte having it.

Now don’t note me down as someone who’s anti-immunisations, I’m all for them, and Charlotte came away with having her DTaP/IPV/Hib and PCV. But the Rotavirus one unsettled me, my instincts told me that my baby didn’t need this and that I should have faith in that ultimate immunisation called Breastmilk. The fact it’s a live vaccine where we just don’t know how she’ll react to it concerned me as well as it is an oral vaccine, the only liquid I want going into my daughters mouth in these first several months is that liquid gold aka colostrum, with the, follow on of my milk. Just as nature intended. I’m not saying my milk is going to make her invincible to everything, but I would like to give her chance to build up her immune system.

They say the baby can get rotavirus after being immunised against it, but apparently, it’s usually milder than what they could get. This doesn’t sit well with me; I don’t want to go about purposely infecting my daughter. Oh, and it has the possibility to be passed on simply via changing her nappy once she’s been given it. I think this is one thing where I’m going to go along with my instincts and where I have the final say on what’s best for my daughter.