Returning To Breastfeeding

I never did get round to blogging about the end of mine & Dylan’s Breastfeeding journey, I blogged about how I thought our Breastfeeding experience was nearing the end but I guess with the pregnancy in full swing, it just passed me by. I explained in that post how we had dropped the morning feed because of the morning sickness and generally how yucky the mornings were for me. They were a struggle, and when the man was home, I would sleep in, and he would bring Dylan downstairs along with his brother. He was given cows milk in his cup, and he didn’t even bat an eyelid at this change. He happily accepted this new form of milk and come 15 months when we finally dropped those evenings feeds; he went totally over to it with no issue at all.

Something I always gave thought to was how we would end Breastfeeding, I always planned on letting him end it and for him to continue for as long as he wanted. Guess it didn’t quite go to plan with me making that choice for those mornings feeds, thinking back I cant remember how we dropped the evening feeds but we just did. Daddy started taking him upstairs to bed and reading him a book along with his big brother, and off they went to sleep in their bedrooms. A couple of weekends before it ending, I went away to London twice and stayed overnight. By the time I have got home, my boobs were bursting, and I couldn’t wait for him to feed for that relief.

Breastfeeding Toddler

When we stopped Breastfeeding, I was worried my milk would stick around and cause me grief, that I would have to express to relieve them and then try and somehow teach them that I didn’t need the milk any more. I don’t know if it was because my body knew that our natural journey together had ended or if it was something to do with the pregnancy but after that very last feed, my milk was no more. I went from having it on tap to it all being gone. It was a smooth journey and the perfect ending. We lasted 15 months together; we went just beyond that year which I never thought possible at the beginning when Dylan had his tongue tie, and feeding was just one big nightmare. That’s also something else I never got round to blogging about but in attempt to take the attention of this post, but to my new Breastfeeding journey, I think I’ll talk about that in a whole separate blog post.


So we’re Breastfeeding again, Charlotte has just turned 11 weeks, so that means we’ve been Breastfeeding for the last few months. I know every child is different and every experience so I went into not expecting it to go smoothly but fully prepared to tackle any issue that would have came our way. Fortunately, we never had any issues to battle with and just after she was born, she was nuzzling away looking for my breast, and the moment she found it, she latched straight on, and that’s where she’s stayed ever since. I’m still getting my head around this perfect experience for us; after experiencing issues with Breastfeeding with both boys and with not being able to do it with Oli at all, this was one lovely gift from our last baby. Knowing that every baby is different is one message I’ll take away from Breastfeeding as well as parenting in general.

Charlotte Breastfeeding

We plan on Exclusively Breastfeeding (EBF) again, as I did with Dylan. In the beginning, I attempted to introduce bottles to him, but that was more out of pressure from other people then me wanting to do so. That and I never really knew that EBF was really a thing. Thankfully those who would of rather me of used a bottle are no longer present in our lives (celebratory dance) and this time we really are doing it OUR way and no one else’s, just like it should be. So we will not even be trying bottles with Charlotte, we have our own emergency backup plan in the form of my milk and that genius cup if it’s needed. Plus many other ways she can have my milk without the need for a bottle to pass her lips. Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against bottles but knowing how well EBF worked with Dylan, I’m determined that we’ll just do the same this time around.

Breastfeeding Baby