Ingenuity Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer

Do you ever find that your arms start to get rather tired after bouncing baby in them for what seems like hours on end? I know mine do and I was rather pleased to take up the offer to review the Bright Starts Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer. Like all products I get proposed to review, I have a good scout around Google to see if it’s suitable for us. First impressions online had me liking the idea of a bouncer which can bounce automatically just like Mummy & Daddy.

Assembling was simple; it didn’t take long until it was fully assembled ready to use. The instructions had clear diagrams for you to follow step by step. It was flawed by some loose threads, but this could be me just being OCD about loose threads, and they were easily trimmed. Everything you need is in the box, newborn head support, straps, hanging toys & even batteries. The batteries were a major plus for me, no hunting around or even going out my way to buy any. It was all ready to go to use straight away once built.

Bright Starts Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer

Our first use of it had me wanting to run to every new parent to tell them that needed this in their lives. I strapped Charlotte in, turned on the power button and then both the bouncing and the music, I adjusted the music volume and then several minutes later, and I had one fast asleep baby. So, of course, first impressions were of awe and wonder.

Bright Starts Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer 2

Comfort wise,  the bouncer has a newborn head insert to use from newborn which can easily be taken off when needed. The sides are cushioned well enough for her to bat her arms around in comfort. The seat is in the cradling position, so mimicking the position in our arms as well as the bouncing movement.

Bright Starts Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer 3

For me, it’s comforting knowing that it’s imitating the kind of movement I would otherwise do with my arms in an attempt to soothe her to sleep or just to settle her. It’s designed with hybrid drive technology which bounces it; this automatic bouncing lasts for 30 minutes. I bet we’ve all spent that and even longer bouncing babies in our arms.

Bright Starts Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer 5

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to have as much cradling time as possible but there are times where you need somewhere safe to put baby as you nip to the bathroom or even to play with siblings. I know she’s safe when strapped in her 3 point harness in her bouncer and that the boys will happily turn her music/bouncing on/off as needed.

Bright Starts Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer 6

There’s plenty to keep Charlotte entertained aside from the bouncing; it comes loaded with eight melodies and three nature sounds. I’ve found the nature sounds become the must have tune for sleepy time. The adjustable and removable toy bar comes with a plush elephant & lion, Charlottes’s current favourite I’m guessing is the lion as she’s repeatedly reaching her hand out for it.

The seat pad is fully washable, and we have tested out this feature after a certain toddler got his sticky chocolate hands all over it. Safety wise, as well as the 3 point harness which can adjust to baby’s size, the bouncer has non slip feet so no worries about it taking off when in bouncer mode.

Bright Starts Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer 8

We’re fans of this particular bouncer and find the automatic bouncing the most genius aspect, no using our foot while eating in the evenings to keep her amused. It seems comfortable enough for her and safety wise we give it huge thumbs up. Colour wise it’s pleasing to the eye, I adore that green colour against the beige. Can’t say I’ve ever come across another bouncer in this colour or design. It’s a unique product with which we’re proud to own and have sat in our living room.

I’ll end our review with this video of the bouncer in action and with Charlotte snoozing away in it, just excuse the destruction trail left by a toddler in the background.