Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day 2014

My heart broke when one of my friends told me how her morning sickness had developed into full-blown Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It broke into pieces for her. You see I wouldn’t wish this condition on my worst enemy. I’ve been and got the ‘I’ve had HG’ badge, and it’s one I wish I had never collected. It has left one emotional scar which has healed over time, but it’s one experience I’ll never forget.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is morning sickness blown up to the max. Many sufferers spend pretty much the whole day and even the night being sick. Taking on food and drink is impossible because your body won’t allow you to do so. Bringing a cup of water to your lips is enough to have you running for the toilet. Your energy being non-existent and because of this, you’re bed bound. Nothing works, forget trying the ginger biscuits, which of course you’ve tried, being this desperate you try everything that Google itself throws up. For this, you’re reaching for whatever drugs they give you in attempt to cure it. For some it lasts from the moment of conception to when they give birth, even then for some it sticks around after birth meaning dealing with it on top of a newborn.

I’m often bought to tears as I think about it and write about my experience of it. It’s a pregnant woman’s form of torture. When you should be craving food and attempting to eat for 2, you can’t be anywhere near it. Forget smells making you sick, just the thought of food or drink makes you ill. I was terrified of this happening in the future, and I wrote many posts on this subject. We wanted another child in the future, but I was living with this fear of suffering again. This fear was haunting me; you usually coo over new babies, I cooed but instantly had flashbacks. I was broody, and then I was not broody. I was pining to finish off our family. I really had to bite that bullet, to go through it would be worse than thinking about it, but I was still living it because of that constant fear.

We became pregnant last year, I thought I had escaped it at first, but it came along and hit me like a bus. As soon as it got to this state where I couldn’t control it any more, I visited the doctors. Ignoring his suggestions of trying ginger biscuits, I took the first lot of tablets prescribed to try and combat the sickness. This time around they worked, taking them made me human again, and I was able to get through the days. The time before, nothing they prescribed worked. I tried three different lots of drugs, but the only thing that ever made me human again was popping to the hospital for fluids.

My friend had me reliving my experience in the hope that I could pass on my survival tips. She too had a toddler to look after on top of dealing with this; she wanted to know how I got through it with a toddler attached to me. Oli was 2 when I became pregnant with Dylan; if you ask Oli now if he can remember being 2, he’ll say no. I’ll ask him this again when he reaches 22; I’m sure his answer will still be the same. And this was my answer to my friend who felt so very guilty about not being there for her child; they will not remember this time where TV replaces us and where Daddy takes on roles of both parents. Adventures Of Adam has blogged some activities suitable for HG sufferers.

Today is Hyperemesis Gravidarum awareness day; today I’m going to make a noise about this condition, women shouldn’t suffer this in silence. They need to know there’s help and support available if it’s needed. Pregnancy Sickness Support is one place I would point sufferers towards, here’s the 2014 HG Awareness day video. I urge you to watch and share it.