Children’s Safety Should Not Have A Price Tag

I was in my local paper the other week ‘Safety Fears Prompt Call For Road Action’ as I had got in contact with them about one of our local roads here in Evesham, one which we use on a regular basis for the school run. This road is in desperate need for a crossing; it’s a busy main road with cars constantly coming from both directions. So common sense would tell you that it’s best to have a crossing here with so many people using it, especially school children. Only common sense can’t come into play when apparently money is an issue, the budget available goes to the greatest need. What need could be more important than the safety of our children?

Evesham Roads

I want to use my space right here to correct Counsellor John Smith, who pointed out that in the meantime his vehicle activated road sign will help curb speeding traffic. This sign vanished some while ago, which it might have been worth checking before stating in this article that it was there to help. He hasn’t been down this road in some time, if at all. There was never a sign on the other side of the road, so I found it pointless having one telling just one side of the traffic to slow down. And on the subject of slowing it down, if they’re wrong enough to be speeding in the first place, I doubt they’re going to listen to a flashing sign. I say doubt, I’ve seen them ignore it many times with my own eyes.

Evesham Roads 2

I used it now & again before Oli started school as it’s the quickest route into town for us if we’re walking, I thought it a nightmare crossing back then and always wondered why it didn’t have a crossing. But that was as far as I got, wondering. Until September and the school run routine began for us. I found myself having to adapt to having to use this road; we had to leave earlier to make sure we weren’t late for school because we were stuck waiting for traffic and I had to drum it into Oli, four at the time that road safety rules came into play here.

articleGetting to know the school mums who also use this road, I learnt how it was an issue for everyone and how we all shared the same fears. One mother even got in touch with councillors herself, one who visited her but she didn’t get anywhere with this and nothing was done. Reading the paper this week, I had a letter thanking me for drawing attention to it from a counsellor Andrew Dyke where I had found out that the request for a crossing on this very road was first raised back in 2007, several years ago! It also confirmed that a significant number of vehicles travel above the 30 mph limit, found by a survey done by the council themselves. Only the other week did I read about a recent car crash on this very road.

article 2Even the Editor of the newspaper agreed that this is both frustrating and infuriating that it was first suggested several years ago that this very road needed a crossing. Interesting to hear it was top of the priority list for 2010/2011 but nothing ever appeared.

This road is right next to a park, an actual children’s play park. Surely that right there should be a reason alone for installing one?

Come on Worcestershire County Council, what will it take for you to install a crossing? Death of a child?