Bigjigs Safari Building Blocks

2014-05-05 14.43.48I picked a good moment to tell the boys that they were finalists in the Bigjigs Ambassador competition, they were sat playing with their Bigjigs rail & road tracks. One of the most well played with & loved toys in our house and exactly the reason why I thought I should enter them to become Bigjigs ambassadors.

Well, our deciding challenge arrived, and we were given Safari Building Blocks to review. The boy’s first reaction upon seeing them? Major excitement and pleads for me to get it out the box, so thumbs up for packaging that pleases the children, I always do think that adds to the wow factor if it’s being given as a gift to a child.

Seeing as the weather is now being kind to us, I thought we would take them outside to play, and I came up with a game for the boys to play. They were given the heads to the various animals on the blocks and then had to go and find the bodies which I had hidden around the garden for them.

bigjigs safari blocks

For both boys, the play ideas behind them are different. Dylan at two will use them simply as colourful blocks whereas Oli at five is old enough to explore the many ranges of play possibilities available to him. Oli loved the idea of having to hunt around to match the pairs; I think he may have found it even more enjoyable than the Easter egg hunt he participated in a few weeks ago. With this task, we learnt animals, matched their head to their bodies, matched and discovered colours. He may already know most of that, but it’s always great to refresh his mind.


Once he had found them all, I was asked several more times to hide them for him, and this has been a regular occurrence ever since. I hide them before the afternoon school run so when he comes home; he’s straight outside looking for the matching pairs. Much better then him coming in from school and slobbing in from of the TV until tea.

2014-05-05 14.50.48

It’s a great tool for helping with hand and eye co-ordination as they stack them on top of one another, great skill for our toddler to be learning. We’ve also tried to use the name of the animals to encourage his speech, but he’s enjoying making the animal sounds more than anything at the moment. We’ve found the blocks to be rather durable when it comes to our boys and the way they can play. They still look as good as new despite being chucked around bushes and dropped a few times.

Included is a rather lovely blue storage bag, so they have somewhere to keep them safe when they’re not being played with. I like the idea of keeping them together and safe like this when not in use, it won’t be long before baby Charlotte joins in on the block building fun.

Bigjigs Blocks

The recommended age is 1+ years, so a toy which can be given for a first Birthday/Christmas and enjoyed for many years to come. The designs have been painted with child-friendly paints, and the blocks are big enough for the tiniest of hands to grip onto. I love that both the boys have a toy to share that is suitable for both of them to play with. As you can see from the photos, Dylan enjoyed finding the blocks around the garden just as much as Oli, and he had great fun just simply carrying them around with him. They even had to accompany him on the slide; there’s something hilarious about letting them slide down again and again, apparently.

bigjigs wooden blocks

Of course, we’ve had lots of fun playing with the Bigjigs Safari Blocks in the traditional way; we’ve built towers (and knocked the down), and we’ve adapted them to go with other toys to maximise our playing experience. These are so much more than just plain old building blocks; they’re Bigjigs safari building blocks! The Bigjigs Safari Building Blocks are priced at £11.99, and we think that’s a rather reasonable price for something which can last years and years.