Happy Easter With Waitrose

Easter Egg HuntThe guys at Waitrose sent us over a hamper choc full of Easter goodies; they supplied us with everything we needed to host an Easter egg hunt with the children. We took advantage of the beautiful weather & Oli’s Birthday celebrations with his best friends to host our Easter egg hunt. They put lots of thought into it by creating a game that will take the children on an adventure to explore the signs that spring has arrived. The children had to find and match the questions and answers that we had hidden from them. We did our version of this for the garden, and we gave the winner the kinder surprise bunny. You can join in by downloading the game for yourself from the Waitrose Easter hub.

We plan on taking the game out with us for a walk next week, before the end of the Easter holidays. One of our local attractions is Broadway Tower, and it’s surrounded by sheep and lots more spring associated finds. We’ll make sure we stop off at Waitrose on our way to prepare a picnic to take with us.

Easter Egg Hunt