Tomy Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle

2014-03-14 10.01.14As Babies R Us playologists, we got sent the Tomy Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle to review.

Setting it up was easy, simply take the mat out of the box and lay it down where you wish to use it, for us we popped it on the floor so the kids could get easy access to it. Pop 2 x AAA (sold separately) into the orange pen. Then take the special pen and unscrew it, fill it with water and then pop that little pen into the bigger orange pen. Turn the switch to on, and then you’re ready to go, simple as that. No complicated setup and it’s ready to play within minutes, the birthday boy/girl don’t have to hang around and will be playing with the new toy in no time at all.

Pretty straightforward for kids to grasp the concept of, the one-year-old was drawing straight away. And was it messy? Not at all. Thanks to the water pen, the only drawing that is allowed to happen, is on the actual mat. They go out the lines, but it won’t matter, your carpet/table will remain paint/felt tip/crayon free. Perfect for encouraging children to draw from a young age without the worry of them eating pens or making a mess.

Toddler & Tomy Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle

Tomy has added to the excitement by adding jungle sound spots around the mat, to activate these you just simple press the end of the orange pen on to them. Dylan thinks this is hilarious, he’s all about animal sounds at the moment and is learning animals at the same time. Thumbs up for that educational aspect from us.

We’re fans, and we have no qualms as a family about recommending this to your family.  I love how it’s encouraged creative development for both my children and well as encouraging those imaginations.

Oli & Tomy Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle