Water Isn’t My Choice Of Pain Relief But I’ll Tell You What Is

It’s funny that the moment you mention to anyone you’re having a Homebirth, they instantly think you’re going to be giving birth in a pool in water. See for me I’m not really a fan of water; I dont overly find it to be a great source of relief for my aches and pains. I remember trying to get in the bath to soothe those contractions the first time around with Oli, but I hated being in it. No for me it’s the dry land option, everyone has there preferences, and I guess for me it’s just not water. Though I do believe it is a powerful source of pain relief for many and my favourite homebirth images of been of those babies coming out the pool to take that first breath.

I feel so old fashioned when I say I’m a dry land girl, for me, it’s all about wiggling around on the floor. This is what I find comfortable, and this served me so well in my last labour that I just can’t wait to give that floor a good wiggle again. I had planned to use my gym ball, but that got totally thrown out the window. I’m all for the ‘go with the flow’ action plan which I guess is why I dont go into labour with a birth plan in hand.

So what do I use for pain relief?

Tens machine! My best friend in those first stages, especially as those contractions kick up a few notches. I remember discovering it the first time around with my first pregnancy and how it was a fantastic tool for subsiding those contractions as I experienced the drive to the hospital. Second time I remember it so well as I popped it on the moment those contractions started, I was silly enough in my state to not actually use it right and only had half of it working. Doh. It’s all the ready, on the side waiting for me to reach for it again this time around. I’m hoping I can use it for longer this time around and not reach for the gas & air so quickly.

Which is my other form of chosen pain relief, entonox aka gas & air. Again something I’m familiar with from both my previous pregnancies and something I’m comfortable using and something that works for me. I’ve already had three canister’s of it delivered for this time around. They heard about last time where I was still sucking away at the mouthpiece even though Dylan has already been born. Something the man still finds rather hilarious to this day. I do however get high on it like it takes away that pain but comes pushing I’m not really in a state of being really with it. Something I’m hoping to avoid this time around as I would like to be more hands-on with the delivery.

Talking about hypnobirthing with the man, I talked about how I think it was the whole breathing aspect and exercises that I was interested in. He then talked me through what I was like last time and how my breathing was something I did naturally. How I used it to calm myself, especially before starting on the gas & air.

If I dont go straight into those intense contractions like I did last time, then I’m hoping to use the many distractions around me to take my mind off it. Kids, dog, baking, cleaning.. Whatever I feel up to doing then that will be the plan. It’s just all so unpredictable and like my birth plan states ‘going with the flow’ is the only thing I want to do. Maybe even blogging, I’ve already considered Twitter as a great source of distraction at the same time using it as a source of support.

Drugs? Won’t be an option for me unless I choose to go and have a hospital birth or I either ask or get transferred in during labour. I’ve managed two pregnancies so far without them unless you count the fact I had a shot of pethidine just moments before my first came out. I know if I wanted that pethidine then it would be a case of going to the GP for it and then it would be me that would have to store and look after it. But I dont want it.

I guess in my ultimate dream labour, not needing anything at all in any form would be perfect. Who knows, maybe I might have one of those sudden labours where I won’t even have time to grab the tens machine. The man has dreamed this is going to be the case so is already on labour watch with baby clothes in the airing cupboard at the ready.