The Doppler Scan

So further on from our growth scan, this week’s plan was to have a Doppler scan done as growth scans can only be done every couple of weeks. Because of it only being arranged last week we couldn’t have it at our local hospital, so had to go to the main hospital out of town. The annoying thing was that we had to wait until that morning to find out what time the scan was that day. Thankfully not too much waiting was to be hand when they phone just before 9 asking if we wanted a 10.30am slot. Win. Meant we wouldn’t miss the school run that afternoon and could go after dropping Oli off.

I think it takes just under half hour to get to the hospital; it took us almost double that time to find parking. Once there and finding the scan department, we waited to be called in by the sonographer who was male. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a scan with a male sonographer before and I’ve had many scans to date. I don’t think Sonographers like me, I will be one to ask lots of questions, but then if they wanted me to be quiet, all they have to do is say as I know they have an important job to do. This one went quite in depth into the whole explaining small babies; I forgot most of what he said since. Lesson learnt, write blog post same day if I want to remember things. I raised my eyebrows when he put an emphasis on drugs, smoking and alcohol being a reason for small babies. Busted, he could obviously see the latter I had the day before floating around.

What is a Doppler Scan?

It measures blood flow using reflected sound waves and is usually done at the same time as an ultrasound, so I had one last week at the same time as our growth scan but this time around the emphasis was more on just doing this Doppler scan. This article over on the BabyCentre website explains in so much more detail then what I can. But what it’s checking is that all is well in the umbilical cord, and that baby is getting all the nutrients she needs.

Thankfully our Doppler scan results have always come back good for us and this time was no different, even with her moving around like a crazed fruit loop he was pleased with what he saw. The actual words used on my notes are ‘It was very difficult to obtain umbilical artery Doppler readings due to excessive fetal movement. However, the readings appear to be in the 0.6-0.9 range which is normal for this gestation.’ My cord free pool reading seemed to be up on the 37mm reading from the week before and was now coming up as 45mm.

I messaged one of our midwives when home who was pleased with the more water and that all was fine. The hospital visit felt so pointless, but I do understand that at the end of the day, our daughter’s health and well-being is what’s being closely monitored at the end of the day. So all we need to wait for now is our next growth scan next Thursday.