Growth Scan

So at 34 Weeks we went to what we thought would be our last consultant appointment and the one and only growth scan. This one was booked in at that first Midwife booking in appointment when I has my BMI taken and it was on the low side so this appointment was the answer for that. Sadly even if it wasn’t for that, I knew I would of been having the growth scan either way thanks to my bump being on the small side.  The visit didn’t go how we expected it to it, specially considering the fact the moment we walked into the waiting room some kid pushed Dylan over.

We had a 1.45 scan appointment and a 2pm consultant appointment, I booked in at reception and was told to go wait back in the A&E side to our hospital. It’s only a small one and the room is basically filled with pregnant woman waiting to be seen by the consultant. Thankfully it has a lovely little children’s room which happily kept our toddler entertained. It was only when it was approaching 2 then I realised maybe we should of headed straight for the scan room, double checking with reception I was right. So gathering the boy, we made our way to the growth scan.

Signed in there, heard the delightful sound of ‘you have your hands full’ as she sees me and Dylan. Something which should be illegal to say, I could of said something along the lines of what wax did she use for her upper lip but I thought I would return that with ‘Oh I have a 4 year old who’s at school as well’. Like seriously, just because someone is holding a young child and is pregnant, doesn’t give you the right to declare that she has her hands full. I despise comments like this and I think what I think of them is worthy of a blog post itself.

So come scan time, me, the man and our toddler (you know the one that makes my hands full) head in and sit down or in my case lay down and watch as our daughter appears on the screen. Always a delight to see despite the fact I rather not have the hassle of growth scans, but it is fantastic to see her heart beating away with our own eyes. I asked lots of questions to what the sonographer was doing; I did want to be in the full picture of what was being looked at and checked. The fluid was looked at, and a doppler was done to check the umbilical cord. All this time baby girl was moving like crazy, her brother over in the corner was sat eating his apple and only looked up to nose at the gel that was being put on my tummy. We were amazed when she turned round and pointed out the hair on our daughters head; some little fuzz was on top. That was cute and just showed how much these scans could actually pick up.

When it came to plotting baby girl on the growth chart she actually came up small, something which threw us completely. With our second pregnancy, growth scans were a fortnightly thing after the whole tape measure measuring my bump as small. But then the growth scan would chuck baby on the line and show that all was well. So this was the opposite, you can see in the picture that round circle is where the sonographer plotted me. The fluid was also questionable. I did remember looking at the measurements on screen as they were being taken, and the head looked ok but as I could see on the print out after. It was the body measurement which I guess was why she was being plotted small.


abdominal circumference

Growth Chart

We went back to the original waiting room where we waited to be seen by a Midwife before the consultant. Air punches were done by me when I saw that it was a Midwife who was familiar to me and was possibly someone who could end up delivering baby girl if we have our homebirth. It was nice to introduce her to the man who equally feels so supportive and happy with our community midwives who are the most amazing bunch of ladies. We talked, and a wee sample was done, we had a student Midwife in the room with us. Both that student and the Midwife we were going to see again later on that evening at our local NCT Homebirth workshop. Blood pressure was done, all fine with that and my delightful wee sample.

Again back to the waiting room to wait for the consultant, by this time it was approaching school run, and after the scan results, I didn’t fancy the man leaving me, so it was a quick phone call to another mum just to fetch Oli for us. Now the consultant appointment still feels like a blur to me, I remember talking about baby’s growth, and the plan was to have a Doppler scan done the following week with another growth scan after that. Totally not what we were expecting, we were expecting to see all well on the scan and then be waved off by the consultant to go carry on with the pregnancy as normal without any appointment coming at us. Of course, I bought up the homebirth to which the consultant gave a wait and see and how of baby’s growth would be a concern it would be a hospital birth. I think that but me in even more of a blur switch off and when I heard words such as ‘c-section’ & ‘assisted delivery’ that was enough to blur me completely.

Waiting in the waiting room to be given appointments for the next couple of weeks, that Midwife told me we could chat later on that evening. Which I was glad of because we both came away from this growth scan/consultant appointment feeling so deflated. I spent the next couple of days and especially the weekend with my emotions flying all over the place. I think it was Sunday morning where the tears just wouldn’t stop and I don’t even know what over when I sat down with the man and my notes and snapped out of that state.

We did go to the homebirth workshop that evening like I do every time it comes around, I love sharing my homebirth story and soaking in all the information the NCT antenatal teachers and midwives have to offer. I was meant to be excited about tonight’s as I was going as a home birthing mum to be and I was actually with the man as well, so we looked like one of those proper couples who turn up for some antenatal thing together. But we both wasn’t feeling it, after what we had heard and how we couldn’t just walk away from the consultant appointment with our homebirth plans set in stone, it was kinda like a kick in the teeth. But knowing we would get time with our Midwife to talk about what happened earlier on in the day was a comfort, and I know that’s why I didn’t have to drag the man along kicking and screaming. She answered both of our unanswered questions and told me that the best thing to do for now was to rest, eat and drink well. Reminded me how she and the other midwives were just phone calls away.

What happened at the weekend was me coming back to earth, for some reason I let doubt and scans which I know are not always reliable get to me on a level I didn’t think possible. Our daughter is a right wiggle bottom, how could they possibly get accurate readings when she is moving about like that. I’m not going to let one result rule me and our birth plans. We’ll see how the next couple of scans go; we’ll see what readings and results they give us. I know all is well with our daughter, after all, I am the one carrying her. I know what to do if something seems wrong and I know what to look out for. We have our heads screwed on which is why after a few weeks and towards the end, her growth does become a major concern then I’ll be putty in there hands as I know they’re doing what is best for our daughter.

However in the meantime, we’re sticking our positive heads on. We’re going to continue with our plans and that means next week phoning our main Midwife to get her to bring out our box of homebirth tricks and to sign all the consent forms. We have had that Doppler scan since this growth scan and I’ll blog about that separately as well. Trying to get my head around it all means that I’ve only just got round to getting up my 33 Week post and actually writing this post.