Desert Island Discs

As I sit listening to my favourite songs on YouTube I gave a thought to the songs that mean the most to me for my Desert Island Discs post. Those ones which trigger a memory or have a special meaning and would be the ones I would happily listen to over and over again. If Mummy Melton would have asked me several years ago, I dont think I would have been able to give a thought to one, but life since and it’s many life-changing moments seem to call out for some kind of soundtrack. What better place to share them than right here, the one place my memories are kept alive.


The first song is so very special to me in the fact it reminds me of the moment I found out I was going to become a Mother for the first time. This was the ultimate life-changing moment for me, one where my world was going to change forever. This song had just been released and was all over the radio and at the top of my YouTube playlist. The date of it August 2008, gives me the rough date of when I found out that game-changing news. Over 5 years ago now, and my gosh how that time has flown. I’ve gone on to have another little boy and carry the daughter who will finish off our very own family tree.


The second song is our wedding song, what can be more special than that? A song put to the marriage and the most special moment I could have shared with my best friend, the father of my children and soul mate. I seem to have this on constant repeat when out in the car, I fear it won’t be long before the kids are singing it from beginning to end off by heart. They are brilliant lyrics for them to learn, I and the man have done nothing but follow one another. We followed each other as we both moved to a different town. We’ve followed one another as we learn to be the parents we want to be to our children. But of course, most importantly we followed each other to that aisle. We follow one another every day as our love both grows and strengthens as we take on life together. I look forward to sharing many more songs together in the future as the years pass and life continues.



Being heartbroken I think was something which taught me more about love in ways that actually being in love cant. I learnt that hearts can indeed be mended and that you can go on to love again. My very first love was special to me, he was my first in everything and he taught me so much about life. He helped me on that journey to adulthood and I’m thankful to him for so many things. So maybe not so much breaking my heart but in other aspects, he gave me a glimpse of what was actually out there. It was thanks to him that I put my fingers up to the world, packed a bag and set off on a journey by myself. This song was one from an album he bought me just before he went off travelling around the world, something he had booked and planned with his best mate before we got together. I remember that first hurt as I said goodbye, but it didn’t compare to that final goodbye as we split.



Just as you can have songs for broken hearts, there are those ones that stand out to you when you’re in the midst of falling in love. I and the man used to drop video hints to one another on Facebook or quote lyrics via text. Major cheesefest I know, right? Well, it worked for me. Hearing it come on the radio or one of my many playlists, puts a big cheesy grin on my face to match the cheesiness. Our love was kinda like a forbidden one at first, it was a confusing one for me. Looking back, it was so clear but at the time my head was rather muddled.



I like having a song which defines one my most life-changing moments, one where I took full of control of it for myself and rid it of those who dragged me down. Those who had ever made me sad or caused grief in my life. Those who for me to move on with my life and to forget the past to give myself the future I deserved, needed to be let go of. I learnt more about myself than I ever have by doing this and by achieving exactly what I wanted from it. Today I am the happiest woman, wife, mother and most importantly the person I could be.