36 Weeks

I saw in 36 weeks with the most vivid of nightmares which seem to be a trend now if I wake in the early hours for the toilet. I’ll try to go back to sleep only to wake up again not long afterwards with the most vivid nightmare; I find myself having to switch on my bathroom light to calm down and drift back off. If it’s not that then it’s the breathlessness which I’m getting while laying down, I have to prompt myself up to help with it, and in the daytime wiggly around, so she’s not right under my ribs.

2014-02-12 12.42.37Daddy was off on the Wednesday of 36 Weeks, so we both took the toddler to soft play. I’m meant to be resting/taking it easy but watching his smiles and laughter I couldn’t help but to join in. Safe to say I was aching come that evening and regretted all that vigorous exercise but it was worth it. Especially seeing as we were both so tired that we threw away the cooking option and ordered in a takeaway. I very much enjoyed consuming my chocolate masala.

Thursday saw our next Growth Scan and Consultant appointment; I think everything from this appointment is summed up in my post ‘The One Where I Go Against The Consultant.’ She said that she would rather me go for a hospital birth, but I’m sticking with the plan of our Homebirth. So I’m going against her advice and came away from yet another appointment feeling rather deflated. I messaged one of the lovely community midwives that evening who told me to book in to see her on Monday.

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-02-21_13.32.59We picked up the cupcakes that I had won the week before on the way home, even this box of 12 cupcakes I had in front of me couldn’t lift the mood I was in. We exchanged a couple of them that evening for cuddles from a friends baby.

Next day Friday, no school. Had a message the day before saying that the school had received a severe weather warning, so they were closing it early for half-term. The weather wasn’t very pleasant, nothing that seemed out the ordinary to cancel school but yay to avoiding the school run that morning. In the time it took me to Google ‘how to fatten up baby in utero’ the kids had completely covered the carpet in a sea of toys. Guess the kids are lucky this nesting/tidying instinct is still around for me to be-be enjoying the constant tidying.

Of course, it was also Valentines Day today; I got spoilt by the man, but for me, it was all about that evening meal. One could say the way to my heart right now is through food. The realisation that we have a girl is kicking in with us both declaring we’re only used to the male parts, and we had a conversation about how nappy changes will be different. We’ll also have to get our heads around tights and if she has long hair, that it can be put up out the way. Still holding on to those boys clothes, though, just in case.

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-02-21_12.55.37My randomness this week saw me putting on my wedding dress to take a photo of bump in it, I was surprised by the reactions of the family when I walked downstairs with it on. It made me, look super pregnant, so I think I should wear it 24/7. I know it made the husband smile, and it was a lovely thought knowing I was carrying our daughter while wearing such a precious item of clothing to me. Snapped a couple of photos before putting it away in storage.

Emotions hit in at the weekend. Standing crying at a wall was a low point.

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-02-21_12.56.33Come Sunday there were smiles all around as the Sun had come out to play. I took that nesting out into the garden to clean up the winds mess and the dog’s old chew toys. The kids came out and joined Daddy and me took advantage of an empty dining room, living room & kitchen to clean them so I wouldn’t have to. It was a productive day, and we finished it with a long dog walk. Where I got chatting to another local dog walker who looked like she was going to go into shock when I told her I was due in a few weeks.

I’m all about the healthy eating at the moment, and I’m even eating pasta sauces with olives in for our daughter. That and using up items that have been lingering in the cupboard for a while. So I’m taking note of the eating and drinking well for the next few weeks. Resting wise, I’m trying. But there’s only so much resting to do when you have a house to run and children/dog to entertain. Plus we’re still trying to get ready for her arrival; I don’t think we’re ever going to be ready at this rate. But then can you ever be ready for the arrival of a new baby?!

I feel like I should be getting a round of applause every time I successfully get my maternity jeans on by myself. Someone should make an app for this.

Monday saw that midwife appointment come about. It was the first appointment where the man couldn’t be there but the first where the four-year-old could be thanks to it being half term. On our way to the doctor’s surgery, we talked about Midwives and how mummy would be seeing one of them today, not a doctor. Talked though what a Midwife does and I tried to be as honest as I could with him. Especially how they help the baby come out of mummy, we talked about how it can be painful for me, but then it’s soon over. It was only when he turned round and said ‘I think I’ll wait on the chairs’ that he thought they were going to deliver his Sister today. This made me chuckle, and I explained to him how this wouldn’t be the case.

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-02-21_12.57.22Like usual, blood pressure and wee all fine and so were baby’s movements. We had a student midwife in with us, one who I’ve seen a couple of times before and also got to know at the Homebirth workshop I went to. After taking some blood to check my iron level, she felt around for baby and was trying to find the head which she said wasn’t moving. The Midwife came over and felt and confirmed that the head was indeed not budging and that I was 3/5 engaged. Weird hearing terms like this, it’s the kind of thing where you know it will soon be at an end, and that’s she’s in the right position and place to come out. Midwife booked for the supervisor to come out to me the next day to bring my homebirth kit and talk about me going against advice for the homebirth. After the boys and I went and raided the toyshop and visited Costa for a vanilla latte to celebrate.

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-02-21_12.57.49The next day we indeed did get our visit from the Supervisor of Midwives with our Homebirth stuff and to go over the forms. I think to stop this post from becoming any longer than it already has, I should write about this visit separately and my reflections and thoughts about it. Guess what I need to hold on to, and the great thing to share is that they know I want a homebirth, there’re plans in place and my possession I have one Homebirth box full of tricks and three canisters of entonox.

This week’s post has ended up being a diary of each day. Baby brain has me writing down what happens every day. No one warned me that the more babies you have, the more your brain turns to goo!