35 Weeks

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-02-15_15.31.3235 Weeks felt weird when it felt like it was only yesterday that I was 25 Weeks, how could 10 Weeks just pass by so quickly? Crazy. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be considered full term with those 40 Weeks just behind it. Oh, how it continues to feel more real each week.

Cakes didn’t need to be bought or made this week as I managed to win myself a box of 12 cupcakes, score. We’re picking these up next week, the day before Valentines Day and on the way home from our growth scan. If anything like the last growth scan appointment then they’ll be needed that evening. Eating wise, I’ve tried to be healthy and cut out the junk really. Ok, so I have these cupcakes on the way, but I do think it’s important to indulge still. The number of cookies I ate with the 4 year old while pregnant was unbelievable, and he’s turned out fine, though funnily enough, he’s not a huge cookie fan. Reflecting back on my pregnancy diary posts, I seem to have the constant food theme going on. When my children look back at these posts, they’re going to point out that I may have had a love obsession with food while pregnant.

We had our Doppler Scan this week; all seems well with that. Of course, a pleasure to see baby again, though this far on you dont get to see much of baby like you do earlier on in scans. Is still rather amazing how much detail you can see once they scan over something such as her face, seeing those eyes and lips, knowing that we’ll actually be seeing them for ourselves soon enough.

This week saw me struggling to get out the bath; I had the most incredible pain in my bottom. Yeah, it sounds fun but by God that pain I felt in my left cheek had me struggling to walk and to do anything. I have had it before, and I think I’ve mentioned it in the past, Marissa from Missy B & Family pointed out to me it sounded like sciatica, and that’s what I found when googling bottom pain during pregnancy. I count my blessings that mine seems to come and goes, usually comes when I’ve done too much putting even more importance on resting.

The baby brain seems to be popping up every day in some kind of form; a classic one day was not remembering we had any eggs in. I got ready to make poached egg on toast so had the toast in the toaster, butter out (so I had gone on the fridge) and I had boiled the kettle and had the water all in the pan ready. Goes to fetch eggs, oh yeah. We’re out of them. Doh. Emptying water out, I ended up having plum tomatoes on toast. I’m not the only one who happily eats this on toast, right?

I’ve realised I dont really chat much about stretch marks and that kind of pregnancy-related points. Guess to me these are not points I want to chat about/document mainly because they dont bother me in any way. I might one day dedicate a whole blog post to them, my very own pregnancy trophy. I have the ones on the side form Oli, who turned to silver and faded rather well until Dylan came along. He added to them by giving me some surrounded my belly button and then baby girl seems to be giving me them underneath my bump which is somewhere the boys never really sat. They were always higher up, though I swore this was the case with Oli, but this photo of his bump to the left that I hunted out seems to say otherwise. Not really got a side shot of Dylan’s 35 week bump, but here’s my 35 week blog post from him from back in March 2012.


35 Weeks Bump Oli & Baby Girl


I *think* I may have experienced a braxton hick this week; my tummy while sat up on the bed one night went all tight before releasing. It was over as quickly as it happened. Was a weird sensation, but then it could have been just a baby girl throwing around one of her gymnastic moves. I can’t recall ever experiencing them before in previous pregnancies. I wonder if I get to experience them over the next few weeks with baby girl.

Felt old this week as I got more excited then I should of over getting a bigger bin delivered. Simple things, huh? In our area, if you have a big family of 6 & over or if you have a baby in nappies then you’re entitled to a bigger rubbish bin. Rude not to take advantage of this and I know I shoulda done it a while ago seeing as we have Dylan in his mixture of both reusable and disposable nappies. Seeing as we’re going to have 2 like that soon enough, made sense to get the bin at the ready now.

The Man woke up and told me about a rather vivid dream that had about the baby coming at 6am on the 22nd of February, so when I’m exactly 37 Weeks & 3 Days. He said the details were so clear to him, that baby came, and it was just us that delivered us. It actually sounded both magical and rather beautiful. But as much as I would love the idea of freebirthing, I think I would much rather have my Midwives there. This dream prompted the man to get his bottom into gear with things such as the final lick of paint for Dylan’s room so we can get him in there and start on the nursery. I simply adore the colour and finish thanks to The Nursery Paint, and I can’t wait to show it off in future blog posts.

to do listI kinda started on a to-do list of my own. I didn’t get very far with it, though can successfully say the ‘eating cake’ happened. They all basically tie in with one another, Oli’s outgrown clothes need to be boxed up ready for when Dylan hits the right size, and Dylan’s outgrown clothes need to be sorted to see if they are unisex ready to go into a pile for his sister or into bags to be given away. My hair really needs doing before the baby comes along, I’ll only kick myself looking back at those newborn photos if I’m greeted with split ends when I knew it could have easily been avoided. NCT sale is coming up in a couple of months so maybe a good idea to start sorting things aside that I could potentially sell there. Funds of which would only go on finishing off the children’s rooms/the garden. The hospital bag I got as far as chucking in a few breast pads and declaring myself done with it.. I think!

it’s the whole planning the homebirth which doesn’t have me as enthusiastic as I could be about getting it done. Come the evening though, I had however added a pair of tena lady pants to it inspired by Danni (my bump twin) and her love of Tena pants. Also chucked in some newborn nappy samples I had floating around.


Hospital Bag