34 Weeks

So as the 1st of February 2014 came about it really did home that the next month I would be due/seeing a baby. It also hit me that if the baby was to come a couple of weeks early that she would be born in February, THIS MONTH. Yeah, that’s enough to make you want to run around like a headless chicken making sure everything is ready. Of course, everything isn’t ready. I’m unsure to if I should be going ahead with our homebirth plans now after that growth scan and how the Consultant would rather us have a hospital birth if the baby is on the small side. I’ve never even given any hospitals any thoughts because we’ve been so intent on the Homebirth. We have one hospital which we’re based under and will happily go to if any problems occur like with the pain I experienced at 8 weeks. It’s the same place where we went after Dylan was born when he developed his infection, but it’s not the hospital I would choose to give birth at if it came down to picking one.

I’m hoping this is still something we dont have to think about and will continue to act as if I am getting my Homebirth. We attended our local NCT Homebirth workshop together this week, I usually go as someone who shares her own Homebirth story but this time around it was nice to go as a couple who are expecting another baby with the plan of having a Homebirth. It was a lovely evening, but I did rather enjoy the stop to the chippy on the way back.

I have to share this photo that I took of Dylan while in the hospital waiting room at our consultant appointment, as soon as I saw him playing it reminded me that was the exact place where Oli stood 3 years ago on his first visit to A&E. It was total dejavu as I took a picture of Dylan at that moment, both were around the 20-month mark, and the only difference being was Oli had way more hair.

Dylan & Oli

Looking back at Facebook status’s which is something I’ve been using to help me write my weekly pregnancy diary, baby brain and all that. I read that the 29th of January, the day 34 Weeks came about – I was in agony. Stating that I had overdone it the day before and that I wasn’t looking forward to the school run that morning. I have started to try to slow down on the housework front, especially with the hoovering as that seems to send my hips crazy.

I reflected on my last birth this time and was thinking about what I could change this time around, something I’m really hoping to use less of is the gas & air, so I’ve been looking to hypnobirthing as a form of pain relief. Of course sticking with my idea from last time, going with the flow is how I intend to approach labour. Guess that’s something to add to my to-do list over the next couple of weeks, find out more about hypnobirthing and if it would be suitable for me/something I could get on with and even find out more about what it actually is.

Dog & Bump

My darn temporary filling fell out again this week while I was consuming tacos, like the day my tooth chipped where I was eating my Christmas dinner with nothing hard on the plate. Thankfully dentist got me in the next day for another temporary fix me up job. I think my top priority once I’ve given birth, will be to book to get the actual filling done. I know some dentists will do them while women are pregnant but mine doesn’t like to dish them out while a woman is in the third trimester. Guess with the way I can sometimes go when getting up to fast when being down low; I would probably pass out after being laid back so flat.

Movements have been CRAZY. I dont know if I’m coming or going with baby girls limbs half the time. I’ll suddenly feel something under my ribs then the side of my tummy will just experience some kind of matrix kick. The dog has given up trying to use me as a pillow now seeing as he’s forever getting headbutted.  I think that’s why I do go rather panicky when she has her quiet moments, and I do try everything to get her moving again. Apparently giving your neighbours baby cuddles is enough to send your own daughter into a kicking frenzy. The Midwife said that they dont recommend the whole cold water trick anymore, it’s all about laying on your side and counting the movements that way. Things really do change every time I’m pregnant.


methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-02-03_11.55.19One evening while the man was at work and the kids were in bed, I took to trying to finish off the painting of Dylan’s room which is being redone with Nursery Paint. My hormones have meant that I’ve been completely OCD about doing the edges myself in my attempt to get perfect finishes. Sadly I can’t reach the top and have been warned away from a ladder so the husband will finish that off later in the week. Then I guess we should move on to the Nursery before she actually does make an appearance. I know she won’t be going into her room straight away, especially if she was anything like Dylan who didn’t go into his own room until 9 months.

Little lady may have got more clothes bought for her this week; I keep saying each week that enough is enough. I think I’ll give up with that now as it’s just impossible to resist shopping for her. Though I really should start thinking about finishing off the practical shopping list and looking at sterilisers and replacing the parts to my Breastpump that the dog chewed.

One Direction cakeDo you remember me saying I was craving birthday cake at 31 Weeks? And even saying that I wanted one of those cheesy ones with One Direction faces on? Well look what the Man bought me one evening, I felt incredibly spoilt and laughed at its challenge of ‘serves 12’. There was just something about that shop bought sponge with jam and cream in the middle that tasted different to a homemade one.  As I demolished my third mars bar in a row, I decided that the third trimester should be the time where you can eat triple the amount of food. Yes, that’s my decision, and I’m sticking to it.