32 Weeks

32 weeksThe Wednesday we hit 32 weeks was all about babies, babies and more babies. We got to meet our neighbour’s new little girl, at ten days old very much still a newborn. We felt privileged to of joined her on her first pub lunch, and I’m sure she’ll be joining our daughter when it comes to her first pub lunch experience. The school run saw us cooing over more tiny babies; I don’t know how we’ll handle that broodiness once we’ve finished producing our brood.

That day saw a new arrival in the family, in the form of Cosatto’s new Ooba, which we’ve been sent to try out as a Cosatto ambassador. We got sent the Ooba Marzipan much to my excitement,bump cosatto owning a pram in a yellow shade has been up to the top of my want list for a while now. For some fun, I was tweeting under the hashtag #emmasexpectingcosatto. I promise to put more thought into our Twitter birth hashtag. We plan on using it with Dylan over the next few weeks with its seat unit mode until baby girl comes along and we can try out both the carrycot mode and the matching Hold Car Seat. So come the end of March, we’ll be able to give it a full review on all it’s features but keep an eye on my social media feeds for photos and how we’re getting on with it in the meantime.

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-01-23_14.12.43Friday saw me getting the whooping cough jab and then spending the next couple of days feeling like I had been punched rather hard in my upper arm. Thankfully though unlike 31 Weeks, my hips and back have not been causing me any grief. I’m finding that rather strange, pleasant and welcome but going from being agony to being able to skip along was something I’ve been thankful for. Part of me wonders if it’s been because of the husband having a week off and knowing that he’s done quite a lot around the house, I know my nesting obsession with the overuse of the hoover wasn’t helping. I wonder if it’s because she’s changed her position to head down!?

Maternity clothes wise, I’m pretty much living in my H&M Maternity jeans, my dark denim Essential One jean jeggings and recently a United Colors of Benetton maternity skirt that I picked up in a charity shop not long after finding out we were pregnant. Tops have been a mixture of Next tops which I got in the next size up in the sale back when I was pregnant with Dylan and also tops I got from H&M when pregnant with him. My essential and most worn maternity item remains the Essential One long sleeve maternity top. Bedtime I could do with maternity PJs, but I just can’t bring myself to spend any pennies on maternity clothes when I know this is the last one, just have to stick with the husband’s old t-shirts for the rest of it.

nursery paintWe received a colour card from The Nursery Paint Co, picked the colours we wanted and received the paint in this very week. We went from just wanting to paint the nursery to now wanting to paint Dylan’s new room as well. The colours were just too beautiful not to pick a couple of colours. We’ve gone for ‘Peek A Boo‘ for Dylan’s room and ‘Tea Party‘ for the Nursery, I gave the husband freedom to choose what paints we were going to use, so I guess it was lucky I liked every single colour on the chart. Nursery Paints have kindly sent us the paints in exchange for an honest review, so keep an eye out for a full-length post! I’m so pleased we’re using a toxin-free, natural and antibacterial paint as it means that I was able to get stuck in with the excitement of painting our children’s room and not worry about it causing me any grief.

The weekend has me wanting pork; I’m a member of an online homebirth group where we’ll go off topic, and one of lately seems to be of food. A group of pregnant women together is just dangerous I’ve come to realise. Especially come 11 pm and you see the word cake mentioned meaning you JUST have to make yourself this 3-minute microwave cake. We’re usually dribbling over cake but give us a Sunday and the subject turns to meat. I think we were all pretty much-wanting Pork in some form! I set out to the supermarket with the intentions of ending up with a meal of pulled pork, but the husband locked eyes on a bit of belly pork which he just had to have. Have to admit at the moment, as long as it’s edible – I’ll eat it.

the little green companyThe day before we turned 33 weeks, we went and visited The Little Green Sheep to find out some more about them and to see the new SnuzPod Bedside Crib in action. We were greeted, by Co-Founder Mark & Marketing Executive Alice along with the yummiest toffee fudge cake. Dylan was more than pleased by this and enjoyed a slice (or 2) of cake while we all chatted about all things ‘The Little Green Sheep’.

The SnuzPod was much bigger than I imagined, though I don’t quite know what I was expecting, to be honest. I’ve only ever seen side cribs online and never seen one in the flesh before. We can’t wait to start using ours with baby girl and tell you all about how SnuzPod experience. It’s all suddenly feeling very real that in around several weeks time, she’ll be here with us!