30 Weeks

bucks fizzThe last time I was pregnant I think around this time I had started to forget what weeks I was at, somehow it’s easier to remember with Buffy seeing as she turned 29 weeks on Christmas Day and 30 weeks saw New Years Day. Don’t think even baby brain would of let me forget those dates. It’s strange to think that it was the third Christmas and New Year that I spent pregnant. Next year will also probably be the second Christmas and New Year that I spend Breastfeeding, safe to say my liver loves all this baby action. Not like I’ve been a big drinker since our first child came into the world. Alcohol wise during pregnancy, I had a few of those ‘one glass of wine allowed’ during the last one but this time around I’ve not wanted to, just no taste for it and with that whole dodgy heart business I’ve not wanted to risk it. I did, however, enjoy a glass of Bucks Fizz with our New Years Eve meal.

heels when pregnantThis week has mainly been spent in agony as my hips and back get the better of me, I don’t know how I got through a couple of the school runs. I feel like the top half of my body is trying to crush down on my bottom half. One morning it was raining, and I feared to get my feet soaked wearing my trainers, I’m yet to replace my wellies. So I wore a pair of my old boots, I say old – I did have a new pair, but a certain doggy got to one of these boots. These old boots had a bit of a heel to them, which I thought would be ok. Oh my word, how can anyone wear heels while pregnant? I was in agony come to the walk home and doing the school run that PM, I was back to my trusty trainers!

My toilet usage is on the up as my bladder continues to be a trampoline, some nights I’m getting up a few times for the toilet. Thankfully I continue to stay in such a sleepy haze that I’ve not had any issues with getting back to sleep. Though gosh that temperature has dropped and you can feel it in the middle of the night, thinking to leave me ensuite heating might benefit me for those night toilet trips.

Our Moses basket from Lollipop Lane arrived this week, we weren’t going to get a new one as we still have the one from the boys, but we were given the opportunity to review Lollipop Lane and was sent a voucher to do so. We decided to go down the pink road and came away with a pink Moses basket, pink Moses basket sheets, pink bath towel & a pink sleeping bag. Can you tell we’re enjoying adding this colour to our household? Oli at four was cooing over the basket and finds all these baby products rather cute, and it’s melting our hearts to see him so sweet on the idea that he’ll soon be having a baby sister. I will pop up a more detailed Lollipop Lane review in the next couple of weeks.

30 WeeksMy temporary filling had fallen out since it was fitted during 29 weeks, my appointment to have a filling was this week but it turns out because I’m pregnant it will have to arrive until I’ve given birth to have it done because of the injection needed. Great stuff, huh. So another temporary filling has been fitted, this one apparently much stronger and much more comfortable. Fingers crossed this one stays put until March; I don’t fancy weekly trips to the dentist to have temporary after temporary filling fitted. I never did talk about my chat with the emergency dentist I saw last week for that original temporary filling, he gave me the advice of trying Sensodyne for my gums, and you know what? Since changing my toothpaste over to that one, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my dodgy pregnancy gums and the issue with the swollen flappy gum I was having – totally gone.