27 Weeks

27 WeeksOuch! That about sums up this week! It seems my hips are playing up, summing up how they feel would be comparing them to sanding down something. I feel like my upper body is sanding away my hips with the pressure it’s putting on them. Of course, it’s worse when I’ve been incredibly active during the day; I find myself wanting to do nothing but sit still, so I don’t feel the nagging ache they give me. Sadly staying still then upsets the crampy legs which seem to have returned. It reminded me of last February when I was pregnant with Dylan and cramp became an issue.

Weird to think that I was only pregnant last year like I only had a baby last year and I’m pregnant again this year. When it’s said like that, I feel like I’ve had them rather close together, but in fact, Dylan will be almost two by the time the next one is born. Strange thoughts, though Oli has not long turned 3 when Dylan was born.

27 weeks


Buffy decided to dig herself into my right side for the first time; you know where they just get settled under your ribs under one side well that’s exactly what she did. Nighttime’s are becoming so much fun, especially when you throw in the vivid nightmares that seem to be appearing.

I had the dentist this week which I booked because of my gums becoming increasingly sore, another delight I can thank pregnancy for. One bit of it had gone a little flappy, yeah doesn’t sound nice and certainly doesn’t look nice. The dentist told me it was all part of pregnancy (well duh) and that it should go down once it was over. Thanks for that. Was told to visit the hygienist for advice, I decided instead of parting with that visit cost a few days before Christmas that I would wait the next couple of months out and simply not open my mouth. Other than to consume enough food for a family of 10 of course.