Sage – The Multi Cooker

We were asked if we wanted to review Heston Blumenthal’s Multi Cooker, one of his new products for the Sage range. Of course being huge fans of Heston and his food, we were more than happy to give his Multi Cooker a whirl.

First impressions are important of course, and I was impressed with the quality, and how in place it looked with the rest of our kitchen equipment, it’s a fantastic addition to a busy family kitchen. This piece of equipment will be one that you’ll happily let stay on your side instead of hiding it away in the cupboard. Getting it out the box, getting it ready for first use was as straightforward and as simple as you could ask for. Even figuring out the functions wasn’t that difficult thanks to its clear labels stating each button’s function.

Sage Multi Cooker Controls

Didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that for simply slow cooking a meal on high for a few hours meant pressing the ‘slow cook high’ button and then following that with the ‘start’ button. I’m thinking this could make a great gift for anyone, students who want to break away from that daily tea of beans on toast (speaking from experience) or someone like a grandparent. Though for us I’ve found it to be the ultimate family cooker and it would make the ideal gift for parents or a couple setting up a house. Its generous 3.7-litre capacity means that it will happily cook a meal for the 4 of us, which next year will be 5. I’m pretty sure we’ll find we have enough leftover as well to give us freezer meals or to feed any extra mouths that join us for dinner.

We kept it simple with its first use and made the family favourite, spaghetti bolognese. The surprising thing about cookers like this is that once we’ve browned off the mince, all we have to do is chuck everything into this one pot. In goes the sauces, veg and herbs and it’s just as simple as that. Tea is then ready for us once our day’s activities have been done and the hassle of the school run out the way, I don’t have to worry about having to cook that evening because it’s already been prepared and slowly cooked for us. I’m especially enjoying this luxury at the moment while being pregnant. By the time the husband is home from work, we all have a hot meal waiting for us to enjoy as a family.


Sage Multi Cooker

It comes with a stainless steel serving tray, serving spoon and rice scoop. The removable cooking bowl is non-stick and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning; the husband is pleased he doesn’t have to spend hours scrubbing a pan like he usually does once I’ve cooked. The glass lid is also dishwasher safe. The power cord is removable which means you can take it to the table with you or to store it away easily.

I’ve not got round to making a risotto yet which is the speciality of this multi cooker. It is at the top of my to-do list, and I know it will be a great dish to introduce the family too. Here’s a video you may find fascinating, I know I did. Heston explains how fantastic the multi cooker is and the science behind how this can make such a difference to your rice. I like the sounds of making risotto and not having to come back to it every few minutes to give it a stir.


The cooker controls temperature precisely.  It makes stir free risotto by agitating the rice grains with bubbles to release the starch and create a creamy texture.  And it does equally well with all types of rice. Think I know how I’ll be cooking our rice next time we make a curry from scratch. Though saying that, think we’ll be using the cooker to make the curry as well.

the Multi Chef ™ _ Sage by Heston BlumenthalI know it’s going to become a well-used kitchen tool over the next few months, especially when the new addition arrives, and we have another mouth to feed. That feature of steaming veg is going to be brilliant come weaning time; I won’t have to bother hunting out a steamer to do it separately. Will just chuck in the veg and let the cooker do its work, think we’ll be using this for that very function when it comes to preparing our Christmas dinner. I also know in this pregnancy I should be eating more fish, so maybe this could be a handy feature for me, will have to give the local fish counter a raid. The multi-functions to this cooker will save you ££ in the long run as you combine so many different ways of cooking and preparing your food.