25 Weeks

25 WeeksThe day I hit 25 weeks I was ill, just like that bug that hit me at 24 weeks I spent the first couple of days of being 25 weeks with head down the loo. Yeah, it just seems to be a never-ending circle at the moment. I guess I can forgive the four-year-old for bringing home bugs when he’s as cute as this – the eldest & the youngest. That’s Oli’s voice sending his sister loopy. It seems she reacts to her brothers and daddy’s voice and likes to dance along to those sounds. Limbs have been flying all over the place; you forget just how much you can feel from the inside. I’ve found that I can see waves appearing on the duvet at nights as she prepares for me for a late night of kicking.


25 Weeks..Guess once the illness had finally subsided the rest of my week was spent catching up on the housework and that mountain of washing that had appeared over the last few weeks. I’m so glad I decided to start sorting out the new nursery the moment we found out we were expecting number 3. That seems to be a never-ending task and the way we’re going; it won’t be finished until next Autumn when she probably moves from our room into hers.

So apart from getting better, this week has been pretty standard. Getting increasingly bigger as always. We’re already wondering if we’ll get a bigger baby this time around.