This Month’s Must Have Prams


I seem to have a colour theme going on with this month’s must-have prams as well as mixing some oldies with some goldies due to be released this month…

1. Cosatto Ooba Travel System. Just how will you be able to choose between the Duck Egg and the Marzipan? Both these colours are huge favourites of mine this Autumn and they are bang on trend. And the most amazing thing about this travel system is that it comes with pretty much EVERYTHING (aside from the car seat.) You get the patterned footmuff, changing bag and the travel cot meaning you can really take this pram from birth to when legs get discovered, and the pram gets put away for the next one. I can’t tell you how much money & effort has been spent on all these accessories separately for my current pram.  It reminds me of my old Graco Symbio, and I absolutely loved that pram, I wonder if I could love the Cosatto Ooba just as much if not more?! (I reviewed the Cosatto Ooba later on, and I ended up not loving it!)

2. Stokke Crusi. I couldn’t decide if I was a Crusi fan when it was released, I adore my Stokke Xplory and I couldn’t see myself ever trading it in for a different model. But then with another baby being expected next year and having one still in a pushchair, the Crusi could be an option for us to use in single mode until the baby arrives, sibling seat needed for those first few months & then back to single mode once the toddler has grown out of needing a pram. I think with the release of the new Urban Blue textiles it’s given me a new love for the Stokke Crusi.

3. Mima Kobi. Again, thinking practically about the new addition next year I’ve been looking at my double options. I love how I wouldn’t have to sacrifice the height functionality that I love so much with the Stokke Xplory. I could still keep the toddler up high and have baby below in a carrycot. This pram is full of so much win with its many options and colours that this pram may need to be considered. I think I need to track down one of these to try out, to see if it pushes just as good as it looks.

4. Special Edition Donna Wilson – Urbo 2. I am head over heels for this pram, so much so that I’ve already added it to my own Christmas list. I’m hoping the fact I’ve treated myself to the Special Edition Donna Wilson Knitted Blanket will persuade the Man that I need the pram to match it. I have to admit I had never looked at the Urbo before though I did like the looks of it when I read about the Urbo review from My Two Mums. Now they have teamed up with Donna Wilson one of my favourite designers I want to know all I can about the Urbo 2 and if I would like how it rolls just as much as I like the design.