The Smart Trike & Go 5-in-1

The one year was sent the most fabulous set of wheels from the guys at Smart Trike to review, it wasn’t just a trike, but it just happened to be a 5-in-1 smart trike which benefits the both of us. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but once they hit 1 and find their little feet, prams just don’t cut it anymore. They want to be exploring and finding fun for themselves. Well, the Smart Trike we got sent allowed Dylan to experience something other than his day to day outings in his pram.

Putting together the Smart Trike was a mission I set for the Man to do; we found everything quite simple and easy to fit until it came to attaching the storage part at the back of the actual bike chassis. Since then they’ve uploaded an assembly video to show you step by step how to fit the Trike together.

Everything we needed was in the box; it came with the storage basket and the sunshade. All we needed for all the different stages was included. Shoulder pads, seat belt and safety harness ready for the safety and comfort of the child.

Smart Trike

There was shock from Dylan when we took him outside the house in it until he realised he had a set of wheels just like his brother and had a different way to get to the park. The idea behind it being a 5 in 1 is that you can use it when they have no ability to hold on/ride/push themselves. The peddles pop in allowing them just to use the feet rest. You have a handle with a comfortable grip allowing you to steer them.

The Smart Trike

The Smart Trike wheels are shock absorbing rubber wheels and have built suspension. Meaning we can take it on many different materials and not feel any friction. If anything, it continues to be a smooth ride whether we push it on path, grass or pebbles.

It comes with an adjustable detachable sun shade which matches the rest of the smart trike, not only does it look great but it also provides your child with UV sun protection. It’s a soft lightweight material, I’ve found Dylan like to control how much shade he has, and he finds it enjoyable being able to control his little cover from the environment.

The Smart Trike On Path

It was both a joy and amusing to see Dylan’s face as he sat on it for the first time, it was his first experience of a ride on and of anything looking like a bike. His older brother was just as excited about the thought of pushing him around. When it was first put together, and before we had even got it out the house, he took it upon himself to use it as a seat to watch his TV programmes. I guess the cushioned seat unit is just as comfortable as the sofa he gave up to sit on the trike.

Sitting on the Smart Trike

I wasn’t feeling the storage basket bit to it when I first saw an image of the Smart Trike 5-in-1 and wondered how I would use. The pretty silly thing to me to wonder, considering that most places we went usually were somewhere where shopping of some kind was happening. Even when shopping wasn’t happening, like just a simple trip to the park I found it a useful way to carry a spare change of clothes, drinks and any other bits we needed to make the trip possible. If you want to use the trolley cart by itself, it can transform into a stand alone trolley cart. So you are getting yourself your very own basket on wheels as well as a Smart Trike for your child. Bonus.

Once the child has grown to the stage of no longer needing you so much and it’s turned into a trike for them to ride, the trolley cart comes off giving the child a small cart with a maximum load of 1kg. I can already see some poor cuddly toy being given the ride of his life on the back of this.

Smart Trike Storage Basket

The seat is fully washable, so no worries about splash-backs from those puddles ruining the materials. We may have already tested this feature out due to a puddle splashing day. We have a full seat belt system going on with the comfort of padded shoulder straps, these straps adjust and change as your child grows and they move onto the next stage. I’m quite happy with this strapping system, and it does look comfortable enough for my child to enjoy his smart trike experience.

Smart Trike

It’s become a welcome addition to our household, while waiting for him to find still his feet it was a useful way of having him outside with us and not having him crawl into the veg patch. We highly rate our Smart Trike and would happily recommend it to all; we were going to invest in a smart trike before we got sent this to review. I’m so pleased to know it certainly wouldn’t have been money wasted and that we would have been happy with our purchases. Watch out next summer as we take it into the next stages before we restart all the stages again and reuse it with his baby sister.