Playmobil Police Station

We got sent the City Action Police Station from Playmobil to review and naturally like all Playmobil products that enter our house; it’s been a big hit and hugely enjoyed by both the boys. The excitement for us starts the moment the boys recognise that box and logo. Just look at those eager faces, imagine seeing those on Christmas day.

Playmobil Police Station

Oli at 4 is the age where the services – ambulance, fire engines & police are of fascination to him. He’s learning what each of them does and how important they all is to our society. They are however also a novelty to him as he enjoys going to the local Fire Station to see the engines and he’ll happily wave to Policemen. So it’s safe to say that the Playmobil City Action sets appeal to him this Christmas.

Putting together by Playmobil

playmobil assembly

Putting together the Playmobil Police Station was a simple task for one; I enjoy assembling the Playmobil kits. This one was held together by these little pieces which are invisible when the actual thing is put together, giving it that realistic look.

A little tool was included, everything you need to assemble and play with the Police Station is all included. The pieces then just slot together and are held firm, by that I mean they have withstood the playful force of a four & 1-year-old so far. It comes with over 50 accessories to be played with.


There’s not a single detail to the Police Station that we dislike if anything we’re highly impressed by the small details. From the flowers on the bush to the front doors which open both ways using the lifelike handles. The flowers we’ve used to think about the changing seasons, who said playing couldn’t be educational at the same time? The station has a functioning alarm system with lights and sounds which go off if anyone tries to escape through the secret hole in the prison floor.

There’s a cabinet for inside the station, this opens and locks with the turning of handles. Oli’s found this a great way of hiding and storing all those small pieces away from both his little brother and the Hoover. The jail door opens & shuts, and as well as handcuffs to put on the prisoners there’s a set of keys for one of the policemen to carry. It is pretty unbelievable how much thought has been put into small details such as these.

Playmobil detailPlaymobil

The imagination has been endless for all the Playmobil loving males in our house. Daddy has used it in his way to teach Oli about what happens to bad people once they’ve been arrested. Of course, at the moment he finds this hilarious and has taken much enjoyment over capturing his various Playmobil characters and putting them in jail. Freestyle play is brilliant, and he’s bought all his other Playmobil play sets to join in on the fun.

There was one day where his Pirate set which he collected from his advent calendar last year took over the Police Station, this to a four-year-old is the coolest thing ever. For this reason, I’m going to be adding little sets like the Museum Thieves & Police Special Forces Unit.


Playmobil figures


You know the bonus to buying toys like this for your child when they have siblings? Sharing! I would say Dylan will be looking forward to having this past down to him one day as he gets older. But he’s very much already enjoying the Playmobil action with his older brother encouraging the shared playing.

The Playmobil Police Station, needless to say, has been a big hit! You only have to look at these photos to see how much enjoyment it’s brought to our house. Your children will not be disappointed to receive this for Christmas, and you certainly won’t be disappointed as you watch those smiles appear upon unwrapping.


Playmobil fun