24 Weeks

ParamedicThe day after hitting 24 Weeks I came down with the tummy bug that Oli kindly brought home from school for me. Woke up about 5 am and was repeatedly sick, like non-stop, horrendous memories of my HG kind of sickness. It was horrible, and the man was at work, I just couldn’t stop and trying to get fluids on board made it even worse. A couple of hours later, I was starting to struggle for breath, and I could feel my heart suddenly going into overdrive. Being alone and suddenly becoming rather scared, I phoned 999. I managed to make it downstairs to unlock the door; I was on my hands and knees throwing up on my living room floor as the paramedic came in. Thankfully the husband followed shortly after.

The next few days were spent in a blur as the sickness continued, thankfully the second day I managed to eat some toast and started to keep water down. I feared I was coming down with the flu at first and thought it typical that it would all initiate the day I was going to phone and book in my flu jab. Husband came down with it, and he was a much worse state than me, like how I started off, so it was my turn to take over care of the kids, dog and house. Don’t think either 3 recognised me after my hibernation.

24 Weeks BumpI’m living in nothing but maternity clothes now, I’ve found nothing seems to fit me either around the boobs, bump or waist. The clothes Essential One sent me to review have been my saviour top wise, when out maternity shopping I just couldn’t find any tops I liked and the one top I got from New Look just doesn’t quite look right over the bump just yet. This black top I’m wearing in my 23 Weeks update is fantastic, and the fact it doubles up as a nursing top is a huge bonus, but I’ll tell you more about that in a separate post. My favourite one from them is the plain white top; I just love how that looks over my bump, and I’m hoping to take this along to a bump shoot I have planned around Christmas time. I’ve also found that I’ve started to fit perfectly into the maternity trousers they sent me, my current maternity jeans seem to be getting tight around the bump band, but the pair from the Essential One don’t have a band that cover the whole bump, it’s positioned just below it so you may find me living in these from now on.

Antenatal growth scanAt 24 weeks, six days I finally had my flu jab. I had my 25-week check up with the GP booked in so she did it there and then. Have to leave the whooping cough one for at least four weeks after having the flu jab. We heard baby’s heartbeat, amazing as always and of course like usual was wondering around like crazy and wouldn’t stay still. Told the doctor that she’s been like this since the moment she discovered she had legs. I was also measured with the tape measure for the first time; I fell out big time with that tape measure when pregnant with Dylan as you can read here & here! Will be interesting to see if I end up with growth scans (aside from the one prebooked for 34 weeks) and small measurements, again this time around.