23 Weeks

essen1Life seems to of got busy since hitting 23 weeks, and this week has seen the kids being ill. Oli has been off school more often then he’s been there, but then I’ve heard illnesses are going around like wildfire. Sadly this means me & Dylan get affected by this as it’s brought home for us to enjoy. So I’ve spent most of the time nursing them back to health. The day I hit 23 weeks, my virtual notepad says ‘cramp pain’. I’m trying to rack my brain, and I don’t think I’ve got cramp lately, but my legs have been even more restless than ever.

I did get some help with this and some time to escape from the house of lurgy when I was invited to the media launch of the new Mummy & Little Me retreats at Champneys Spa. I do have a separate post coming about this soon, but this was how I spent the weekend of being 23 weeks pregnant. It was perfect timing in the means of getting some me time and enjoying a bump tailored massage. Which is where my legs got the treatment they needed so much, it’s the muscles which are playing me up and oh how they felt so much better after being massaged. She taught me exactly how I can show the man to do this on me so he can help bring me some comfort at home. She also showed me some little exercises that I could do throughout the day to keep them from being restless in the evenings.

My 23-week photo was taken by Tiny Feet Photography during the weekend, and I always thought the heart on the bump to be cheesy, well that was until I was pulling a heart against my bump. I love this image and how behind that heart, is our baby daughter. I cannot wait to see the rest of the images from the weekend!

23 weeks on trainThe weekend saw me getting trains there and back, the way there was exhausting. Thanks to the first train being late, I had to run for the second train. Like run, run! I just got to the next train before the door was closing. That was enough to finish me off for the day, but I had a couple more trains to do. It came to the last train where I needed to sit down that I could have done with someone offering me a seat. I wish I were just asked now; I purposely made an effort to point my bump in the direction of a middle aged man sat on a chair I was longing for. I knew he could see I was there but he avoided my eye contact. Hopefully, he needed that chair more than me or assumed me to be slightly overweight and didn’t want to risk offending me. Those are the reasons why I keep telling myself; he didn’t offer up his chair.

champneys blissful stretch mark body oilI seem to of developed a new love for baths; I’m not usually a bath person. I’m more a fan of a hot shower where my hair can easily get washed. But come the start of this week I was gagging for the comfort of a bath, I borrowed what The London Mum did when she got back from the spa and used the Champneys blissful bump products to bring the spa to my bathroom. So I squirted it in the ginger blissful room spray and enjoyed massaging myself with the blissful bump shower cream. I enjoyed recreating that environment I found so relaxing at the weekend, I may just have to have a couple more baths as I go into 24 weeks.

Just don’t do what I did in total baby brain moment and spray the blissful stretch mark oil instead of the blissful room spray, you’ll end up with a wet floor and a mouthful of stretch mark oil. Though high five for the stretch mark oil being in a squirty bottle, I’ve totally ditched my usual stretch mark oil in favour of this room as trying to pour a bottle on to a bump, just doesn’t quite work.