22 Weeks

22 Weeks bumpSo time seems to be speeding up, only does it feel like yesterday I was pouring words out into my 21 Weeks update. I’ve been telling myself I won’t be thinking too much about it until we get Christmas out the way and the New Year is here. But I can’t help it seeing as every day I’m reminded she’s very much there with her kicking and my ever expanding waistline. I do feel like she’s got bigger again, despite hearing more & more about how small my bump is.

My cravings or should I say my wants seem to vary by the day; nuts seem to be a favourite at the moment. Every time I pop into town, a lardy cake is a must buy for me. I treat myself with the odd latte from time to time but have my water take increasing. I seem to of lost the taste for any other kind of fluid.

Sickness wise, I had a really shaky start to being off the tablets. It was horrible going back down the road of not being able to eat and just being sick. As I approached the end of 22 weeks, it got better, and I picked up my repeat prescription for some more anti sickness pills but here’s hoping I won’t have to collect them.

22 weeks 4 daysHave decided that her bump nickname of ‘Buffy’ is here to stay, for now, catching up on and crushing on David Boreanaz Buffy The Vampire Slayer has made me realise that my own Buffy has a kick that could easily compete with hers. Only last night as I had got comfortable in bed, she went absolutely berserk with the kicking, and this even prompted a ‘woah’ from Daddy as I placed his hand on my bump to feel. I also wanted him to feel how low down she is; it’s a novelty for me the position she seems to be in compared to her brothers. This bump is much lower, and the movements I feel are so low down that I won’t be placing any strangers hands there anytime soon to feel them.

We had a Midwife appointment this week; I was quite excited about catching up with her seeing as we hadn’t seen her since I experienced that bleed at 16 weeks. Was amazing to hear her heartbeat as always, was lovely to watch Dylan’s reaction as it boomed. I remember back when we used to listen for Dylan’s heartbeat, and Oli used to comment about it being a train. All was well with Baby and me, and the next person we’ll see is the GP at 25 weeks for a checkup.

She has asked me to think about having a flu jab and has told me to book one in if it’s something I want. I’ve never had one in pregnancy before so the stubborn side to me wonders why I should bother having one now? Did you have one?