21 Weeks

21 Week BumpOk so I’m feeling more pregnant now, I’m getting to the point of a grumpy pregnant lady who can’t wait for it be over. I mentioned my food intake seemingly beginning to increase at 20 weeks, well that doesn’t see any signs of slowing down. I’m enjoying my food, and I’m enjoying the snacking especially late at evening. Though I’m not enjoying how it’s probably going to add to the weight (chin) and that it’s probably not healthy for baby as well as me. So snacking is something I need to curb, I know that. So that will be my mission the next couple of weeks, will have to find some alternative snacks to the yummy chocolate I’ve been consuming.

I came off my anti sickness meds, again. I did this when I said goodbye to the first trimester. I hope that at 16 weeks I was past it all, but I wasn’t and those days of being them weren’t pleasant, so I went back on them, that prescription lasted to this week where they’ve run out. It’s got off to a shaky start being off them again; we’ll see how I feel as I go into 22 weeks.

Think this week is where my hormones have come out to play, have found myself being both over emotional and irritated by the smallest things. That poor man of mine was on the receiving end the day he decided to poor ‘thin’ gravy over my dinner on the one day I wanted it ‘thick’. Gosh didn’t he get the silent treatment that dinnertime, you’ll feel sorry for him when you hear that I usually do like my gravy ‘thick’, but then I did point out I wanted my gravy the same as him this time? Like I said small things. Though the gravy tasted weird for me and it did when I had it the week before, got to love how pregnancy plays around with your taste buds.

21 WeeksFewer movements were something I experienced for the first time, but then she made up for it the next day. The movements are changing, guess they are getting more intense as she grows bigger. My bump is getting bigger by the week, well in my eyes it is. It’s starting to reach that handy stage, see the temporary holder it made for my spiced pumpkin seeds.

The toddler isn’t aware of what’s going on but four years old is majorly excited about the thought of a baby sister next year. But we also think the dog ‘Coulson’ is switched on to what’s going on. He’s spent lots of time recently cuddling me in a way which seems to be guarding my bump.

I’m looking forward to the moment he feels her kicked. He had lots of bump cuddles this week as we saw in the fireworks and the loud bangs which didnt go down well with neither of us who would of much rather of been sleeping.