The First Consultant Appointment

So as discussed at our first Midwife appointment, we went on to have consultant appointment as planned at 15 weeks. It was nothing new to me as we were put under consultant led care last time, we even got the same consultant. What’s nice about these appointments is that you get to see a Midwife before hand just to check all is well and do the usual Midwife appointment stuff. She was another person we knew from D’s pregnancy which we think we saw at one of the home appointments before our home birth. I’m filled with so much reassurance with seeing the same faces again, and I cannot praise my community Midwives enough, it’s more than likely we’ll have a familiar face delivering our daughter.

Pregnancy Notes

The magical thing about today’s appointment was that she decided to have a listen for baby’s heartbeat, now we know at 15 weeks it was still early on and that we may not hear anything. But no straight away we got to hear this heartbeat as clear as day, even heard the kicks which made us laugh. We saw at the 12-week scan we have a right little disco bopping baby in there. Carried on with usual, wee in the pot. As elegant as ever, walking down the hospital corridor with a pee pot in hand. Was lovely to relate with her having three children and having two close enough in age where a double buggy would be an option. I also realised at this point that at every stage will be the last time I see a Midwife with this being our last pregnancy, like this will be the last time I see one at 15 weeks. It’s a silly small thing but in a way has made me sad. I enjoy so much soaking up all this pregnancy stuff, though that’s when it’s going right.

The Midwife appointment lasted much longer than the actual consultant appointment itself; they always were short and sweet last time. We talked about this pregnancy so far, talked about the last one, she asked about my mental health I was dealt with in that previous pregnancy and if they were an issue this time. I don’t think my reassurance about how this pregnancy was completely different (aren’t they all?!) had her convinced and she talked about how she would grab me an appointment with someone anyway, I’ve come away from this wondering if I should have pushed more to not of had this in my bid to make this pregnancy as normal as possible. But am thinking on the plus side, it will help me one day with my career so might as well lap it up.


bmi in pregnancy

Original issue of my BMI was talked about once the SVT & hormone issue had been discussed and because I have gone on to have two healthy children both weighing in the 7lb region, there’s not so much of a concern for baby’s growth but I have been booked in for a scan at 34 weeks to check all is well in regards to the growth. So that was it, but we went away with that wonderful highlight of hearing our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.