National Baking Week With Aldi

To celebrate National Baking Week, the guys at Aldi sent us a box full of baking ingredients so that we could put together some baked treats of our own. Now the boy has had a busy week at school, so we got together yesterday to do some backing together. Now I gave him free reign over what we would make and showed him the Sweet Treat Recipe section on the Aldi website. Expecting him to go for the biggest cake going, he surprised me with picking the Easy To Make Cornflake Cakes.

We had all the ingredients in – the butter, Aldi chocolate & Harvest Moon cornflakes. So I was more than happy with his choice though anything with chocolate in goes down well with me. We’ve put aside the other ingredients for now to continue many more weekends of baking. We were pretty pleased with the Aldi baking ingredients and couldn’t notice any difference between them and any other leading brand. I was pleased with how well the Aldi own chocolate melted; I’ve always had issues with store brand chocolate in the past now melting so have had to spend more. The Aldi chocolate melted perfectly and provided us with more than enough to cover our Harvest Moon cornflakes.


Melted Chocolate

I think with how successful these simple treats were they become our favourites for future school fete’s and where baked goods are called for. National Baking Week is a fantastic reason to get those scales and cake trays out and show the children how much fun and just how yummy baking together is.


Chocolate Crispy Cakes

The man is a baker so for him to compliment these Aldi baking ingredients is something, and while he’s complimenting the ingredients, I’m complimenting the prices!!


What did you bake this week?