It’s Illegal To Touch My Bump!


Well if I lived in Pennsylvania it would be! Apparently, the state is starting to enforce a law where it’s illegal to touch a woman’s pregnant tummy without asking her. Would you welcome that being law here?

I guess in a way we already have such rules that stop someone from touching someone else, you wouldn’t just walk up to a stranger and start stroking them, and it applies to a pregnant woman, you wouldn’t go up to one and start rubbing her bump. That would be harassment, I know I would be taken back if a stranger was to touch me in any way.

But then I wouldn’t mind someone I know or even someone asking permission touching if they wished so. I’m proud of my pregnant tummy, even more so knowing that this is the last time I’ll ever experience it in this state. I had a habit of grabbing people’s hands and forcing them to touch my bump last time I was pregnant; I wonder if that’s just as bad as unwelcomed touching? It’s funny that it needs to be a law though, you would think just common decency and politeness would be more than enough.


Did you despise people touching your bump or like me do you not mind as long as they ask permission?