Fatigue In Pregnancy

So I’m still suffering from that tiredness, so much for it vanishing once, I hit the second trimester and came off the anti sickness meds (which I’m now back on). Just before hitting 17 weeks at the start of last week I went to the doctor because the tiredness had just become too much. The Sunday, I spent the whole day sleeping just waking up for meals. This was when enough was enough so first thing 8 am Monday; a phone call was made for a doctor’s appointment. My usual doctor wasn’t in and was asked if I didn’t mind the stand-in, which of course I didn’t. I count my blessings with my doctors; we’re always able to get an appointment that same day.

We talked about how I had the feeling that week before, and she agreed that my throat showed signs of a virus, which I knew I had and seemed to be the cold plague hitting every family at the moment. It was difficult to know if I was worst because of this virus or the pregnancy as the tiredness just hasn’t subsided at all. I was sent off for blood tests to see if that would pick up anything. We talked about the bleed I had that previous week, and she was concerned about this, I reassured all was ok, but I guess as a patient telling her about this bleed in the pregnancy she felt the need to some follow up. She phoned the EPU and talked to them, of course, I already knew what kind of reaction they would have after our offer of that next day scan. We were given the number and told to call if we had future concerns or issues. Noted as always, but my midwife and community midwives will be my first point of call unless it’s an emergency. Few more weeks and I can be referred to the prenatal ward for pregnancy-related issues.

I’m trying to combat the fatigue and tiredness with everything I’ve read or know what to do, the diet is as healthy as it can get and as for getting rest I’m getting plenty of that. Fresh air is happening thanks to the school run and water is being consumed in its gallons. Caffeine in any form has been cut out my diet, though will not give up my odd treat of a caramel latte. I know constant worrying about the baby which is a new thing, won’t help and I know this isn’t good for my heart rate and blood pressure. Also, think the fact the days are turning into Winter, and we all know less sunlight means my brain produces more of the hormone melatonin which makes you sleepy, my body could probably do without adding any more hormones to it right now.