Experiencing Bleeding In Pregnancy

Was like a nightmare come true, throughout all my pregnancy’s I have never experienced a bleed apart from at the beginning which I know can be common. A week ago just before going to bed, I experienced a bleed at 16 weeks pregnant, it was an instant shock to the system. Of course, at this stage, we instantly started to think the worst was happening. It was such an out of body experience looking back at this even though it was happening to my body. Fear was my first emotion, tears were instant and panic set straight in. The look on the man’s face told me that he was also experiencing this as well. I wasn’t instant at reaching out for help, being stunned just had me not quite sure what to do at the time. I dropped my midwife a message to say I was bleeding, but I knew that I wouldn’t get a reply if she weren’t on duty. Even though I knew what I should be doing, phoning the prenatal ward to discuss it I hung on, looking at my notes and reading through what the right thing to do was. Fearing the worst, I didn’t want to face up to it possibly being something bad. Of course, as advised anything abnormal such as bleeding, you’re to get in contact with them.

So I did, I phoned the ward where I was passed on to a Midwife to talk to. I explained what was going on and answered all her questions. I was then told I would have to talk to gynaecology as I was below 20 weeks.

Put through to them to talk through options and then was told they would phone me at 9 o’clock to arrange a scan to see what was going on with the baby. I came off the phone and was just left bleeding and worrying, worrying like I’ve never worried before in pregnancy. It’s always thrown its challenges at me, but the fears we had were nothing like this. The night was long, and sleep was impossible. I was still bleeding throughout the night and still come the morning. I didn’t think 9 o’clock that morning would ever come around.

We had a call at around ten saying that I could be booked in for a scan the next day, I was terrified. We had spent the whole night and that morning afraid something had happened and that we were possibly losing our baby. So we were going to have to spend a day and another night fretting and trying not to think the worst. I told them where to stick that scan seeing as we had our pre-booked scan with BabyBond arranged that night. I later found out that I was lucky to have been offered one the next day and that some have waited even five days, and one mother in the school playground told me she waited five days to find out that bleed was a miscarriage and that she had lost a baby. I came off the phone distraught, the man was angry, and I know he was feeling the same way I was about this and that we just needed to know all was going to be ok.

After take Levitra the only problem is face reddening. But later I found out that it was a normal reaction to this drug. If you link it to the increase of blood pressure– calm down. The drug doesn’t cause any pressure problems. I bought the drug at the pharmacy https://levivard.com. As the drug was good, I took 2 packages at once.

I tried phoning my Midwife who I managed to get through to; she said she would be straight round as soon as soon as she could to listen for baby’s heartbeat. Never have I been so relieved to see her as she walked through the door and got me to lay down, those seconds trying to listen around for the heartbeat felt like hours. We had only just heard baby’s heartbeat the week before at our first consultant appointment despite being fairly early still, and that was heard straight away and so clearly. That was all we wanted to hear right there and then and after a few seconds of moving it around my bump, it was heard. Oh, the tears of relief, I shed more than we did when we had our first hiccup and found out all was ok.

Our scan that night confirmed that indeed all was well with the baby, we got to see the heartbeat and even hear it again while watching it beat. Which to us after that night and morning was even more magical than finding out what the baby’s sex was.