20 Weeks



20 WeeksI actually think my daughter is single handed trying to ruin my figure, this week has seen my food intake double. I am snacking like a loon and eating everything and anything in sight. I couldn’t sleep one night because I just couldn’t stop thinking about food, especially salted nuts. I was that keen to get my hands on some then I don’t think we had any in but I was willing to scrap the roasted off our roasted nuts and add some salt. Yeah, thankfully I soon fell asleep after that thought.

First time of being in a proper uncomfortable position happened this week though I think it was her way of telling me to slow down, I had spent most the day sorting and tidying, and she decided that moving into a position leaving me unable to stand would be her way of telling me so. Guess this will only get worse as she gets bigger. I’m already uncomfortable at 20 weeks, / what’re 30 weeks going to be like?

The movements are now happening during the day, so I’m just feeling them at night time any more. I’m hoping come bedtime that I won’t find them so intense that they keep me awake. Though I have to admit to liking this secret time where it’s just me and her bonding. We got to see her again this week with our 20-week scan which was majorly exciting, will blog about that later.

My bump is getting huge of course by the week, and I do think this time around I will experience a bigger bump with the looks of it and feeling the strain of it. Someone said to me that I had a small bump, I had to laugh because I think I’m bigger now at 20 weeks with the baby girl then I was at 28 weeks with Dylan in the last pregnancy. What do you think?

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