19 Weeks


19 weeks has seen me welcoming more of the pleasantries that pregnancy can bring, especially when it comes to night time and when sleep calls. Sadly not much sleep is happening (and not because of that) but because my legs are seeing in cramp or just restlessness in general. Have found that I now sleep more comfortable without my maternity pillow, something which was my best friend in the last pregnancy.

She’s stayed pretty much low down so far, and this is where she’s so different to her brothers, they hid in my back. She has made herself well and truly comfortable lower down, and this is showing in the way my bump is forming and how I feel her when she’s moving. This week for the first time I felt her move higher up while out and about, I think I was shopping at the time. It took me by surprise and winded me; I felt rather breathless.

My skins seem to of not got the memo that I left my teenage years behind a while back and acne outbreaks are hitting me like the plague. Though I fear this has something to do with the amount of chocolate which is being consumed on a daily basis. It should read the other memo about me drinking water by the gallon.

You should try something like http://www.papsociety.org/accutane-isotretinoin/ first (if you have not had it yet) before you take something different. Accutane can help you and will continue to do so because it works. My friend has achieved very well and long lasting successes.

In other news, I seem to of calmed down on the girl front, though all of that need it’s own blog post. I’ve started to get all the boxes out of the attic and sort through what we’ll be keeping/selling/passing on. That will be a few weekends worth of work judging by a number of boxes piled up in the office. Something which we’ve decided to turn into Dylan’s new room so he could be at one of the ends with his brother and give his sister his old room as it’s next to ours.

I’ve also started to have little meltdowns about it being our last (planned) baby and at the same time filled with great relief that I’ll never experience pregnancy again. Something else I’ll have to elaborate in, in a completely separate post. So yeah, that’s 19 weeks.