Saying Goodbye To The First Trimester


I’m so happy to be saying goodbye to the first 14 weeks; it’s been a long haul. I’m now at 15 weeks, and I realise it’s been a while since I last blogged about the pregnancy and how I’ve been. To make sense of it all, I should probably recap from the beginning.

We found out we were pregnant after cutting our break to Butlins short, I was feeling tired before we had left and that continued for the rest of the break. When it came to morning nausea, it clicked that I actually could be pregnant. 3 tests when we got back confirmed that this was indeed the case and that I was indeed pregnant. We assumed that I was further on than I actually was, thanks to exclusively breastfeeding I had only experienced one cycle so this made dating rather difficult. The clearblue test we took said 3+ which meant 5 weeks or more. We guessed we were about 8 weeks and this was the date we went with when visiting the doctor and then the midwife for the first time.

Of course my biggest fear about this pregnancy and one I talked about in the past was the morning sickness and how I feared getting Hyperemesis Gravidarum again. I thought I had got away with it thinking I was 8 weeks but no sooner had I found out I was pregnant, I said hello to Morning Sickness.

My first Midwife appointment came around, and I was pleased to discover I was going to have the same Midwife who delivered my second child at home and was someone who we both liked. I’m already secretly hoping she’ll be on call when it comes to this one being born. Because of course, we’re already wanting another homebirth, the fact we had to go to the hospital soon after our second birth hasn’t stopped us wanting this again. I was referred on to the Consultant because of my BMI, but apart from that, it was a pretty much normal straightforward midwife appointment.

I talked about the tiredness and how every day felt the same in Groundhog Day, I guess it was soon after writing the posts that I went to the doctor because the sickness was starting to become unmanageable. He prescribed some anti sickness meds which I’m pleased to say have done a brilliant job at keeping the sickness at bay, I learnt what a godsend these were when I forgot to take them one night in my blur of having to wear a 24 hour heart pack and was trying to position that one night where I didn’t knock it. I forgot my anti sickness tablet and spent the next couple days remembering what HG was like. I went back to my meds and have been ok ever since, though I have reached the time now where at over 15 weeks I should try to see if I’m ok off them. Looking at my packet, I have 11 tablets left, so I guess I’ll have no choice than to be off them. If the sickness is still there, then we’ll face that bridge when it comes to it.

Unfortunately, the side effect of those tablets bought tiredness, so on top of that first-trimester tiredness, I’ve had to deal with a double dose of it. Not nice when you have a to-do list the size of next year. So hopefully we’ll say goodbye to this once we say goodbye to the tablets.

I also said goodbye to a normal-ish pregnancy when I experienced unwanted pain; the pain got so bad that it saw me admitted to A&E. To sum that up, the pain was from a sore ovary. However while in A&E they picked up some abnormal heartbeats which bought up my history of SVT in pregnancy. This was noted and passed on to my doctors and to my midwife to who arrange for me to wear a 24-hour heart pack. I’ll explain this in a future blog post and where we went from here. While exploring that pain, I was given a scan with which we discovered I was 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant. So I was at the point where we first thought we were a few weeks ago.

So we cancelled what was meant to be our 12-week scan a few days later, and I phoned my midwife to tell her what had happened and to let her know how many weeks we actually were. Since then it’s been a pretty quiet pregnancy, the sickness is under control, and the SVT is being dealt with and being monitored. We’ve gone on actually to have our 12-week scan, my waistline has got increasingly bigger, and a bump is well and truly protruding, and we’ve had our first consultant appointment. I guess too much information and potential blog post material to cram into the end of the post.


But here we are, 15 weeks (and 3 days to be exact) pregnant and in our second trimester. Yay!