I’m A Something Special Party Host!

A few days ago we received something rather special in the post, something which was rather large and had the boy’s jumping up and down in excitement. What was it? Well, it was a HUGE spotty box packed fill of ‘Something Special’ related goodies. It was Mr Tumble teddy galore; it had chocolates, stickers, toys, his album and so much more. I heard screams of joy with every item I pulled out of the box, I’m most excited about the amazing Mr Tumble Cake. I just know it’s going to taste yummy!

Well not long until we get a slice of that cake and you can get in on a slice of the action! The Something Special Party is happening tomorrow between 4-6pm and is being hosted by @UKMumsTV over on Twitter so give them a follow! And if you’re not following already, I’m @MeTheManAndBaby, and I’ll be sharing all the fun we’ll be having right here at our Something Special Party. UK Mums TV will be giving away lots of prizes and have already started off the pre-party preparations and are giving away an interactive Mr Tumble! Check out the hashtag #somethingspecialparty to get in on the action.

I have lots to do today in preparation, I have spotty jelly to make, tumble pizza, cakes to ice and invites to hand out! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow 🙂

Mr Tumble Something Special Cbeebies