Mum Kind

Mum Kind have become my new best friends after seeing my tweets about my horrendous morning sickness and the way I was feeling, and offering to send me some of their products to try out. Now I remember seeing Mum Kind at the last Baby Show I visited but didn’t pay them much attention; I wasn’t pregnant, and I didn’t think I had a need for them in my life. That was until I tried out what they had to offer and I regret not paying them much attention before.

As a previous Hyperemesis Gravidarum sufferer who got to the point where nothing wMum Kindould work other than visits to the hospital, with this pregnancy I have been keen to avoid going down the same road. I was hoping I would avoid HG and thankfully I did at the beginning, morning sickness came around and as horrible as that was; I had to count my blessings it wasn’t HG and that I was still able to manage to function and take on board food and fluids. In the box, I was sent I had three tubs of the Ginger Me Baby Lozenges, 2 of each of the Bump To Baby Nutrition Bars which come in red berry & yoghurt or gorgeous chocolate flavour. I was also sent some of the Water Our Way – Water Enhancer to try out.


The water enhancer was the first thing I tried out; I had a friend staying at the time so we both gave it a try seeing as it was a product which could be used during pregnancy and beyond. Our first thoughts were the taste; it wasn’t too strong, but then it wasn’t subtle enough to make you think you hadn’t added anything to it. It gave the water a lovely berry taste; the fact it’s not a strong flavour means it’s easy to stomach when you’ve in the wave of sickness. If anything, after sickness it will Water Our Way – Water enhancermake your mouth seem that little bit normal again.

It has a blend of B vitamins which help to combat tiredness and fatigue, which is something I know I’m struggling with right now as I wait out this first trimester. The bottle is small enough to be able to pop in my bag and keep on the go, adding to bottles of water while out and about. It makes up about ten drinks and comes at the price of £2.99. I know this is something I’ll continue to seek out as the baby is born and I’m fighting my way through those sleepless nights.


The next thing I tried and am in the process of ordering more of are the bump to baby nutrition bars, another product which you can use beyond pregnancy. Eating has been a huge struggle for me, alongside the sickness, it’s not been a pleasant task or something I enjoy anymore. I won’t cook for myself as the smells of preparing food are something that has me turning green, and I’m much happier when I’m eating food made outside the house. Ready prepared sandwiches and wraps have been something I’ve been hitting up to get me through. I know I’m probably not alone with this experience?

I think this is why I’ve enjoyed the convenience of these bars, something which obviously I have not had to prepare and is something I can Bump to Baby Nutrition Barsconveniently grab to go. The taste, of course, is the most important part and I can happily say they pass my taste test and I surprisingly enjoyed the berry one. I’ve never really been into fruit flavours in anything like snack bars but like the water, the berry isn’t too strong, and I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I think I liked it even more than the chocolate flavoured one. It was a fantastic treat at breakfast time when I found it was all I wanted to stomach. Being able to eat or want to eat anything at a time when you feel like a right mess inside and out, it’s a comfort. A much healthier alternative to reaching for a chocolate bar. I can see myself popping one of these into the changing bag when baby #3 comes along to make sure I’m eating despite the busyness of my day. They are priced at £1.69 each, but you do have the option of buying a bundle of them together.


Lastly the ginger me baby lozenges, finally something with us especially in mind. Sometimes you hear how eating ginger will help you but do they understand how hard something it is actually to stomach something. Particularly in that high wave of nausea where you just don’t want to put anything near your lips. The man was only suggesting before I received the lozenges that maybe sucking on some soother sweet Ginger Me Baby Lozengesmay put my mind at ease when that nausea comes around, these ginger & chamomile lozenges have certainly ticked the box for doing that. I’ve popped one in my mouth as I type like this as I’m struggling with that feeling of sickness that just won’t leave me be.

They come separately wrapped inside the reusable, microwavable/freezer proof tub; the wrappers are clear with no tell-tale branding so don’t worry about using them at work if your pregnancy is still a secret and you want to use them to keep that nausea/sickness at bay. I think this is a wonderful thought from Mum Kind and it leaves them looking like a normal sweet that you would consume. I’ve found that I pop a couple of the pockets of my trousers or jacket when I leave the house, so I have that quick little fix with me wherever I go. They are priced at £2.99 for a 48g tub.


Overall, I’m shocked I didn’t check them out earlier, and I’ve definitively been converted into a huge fan who you’ll find shouting about-about these products at any given a chance. The prices for the products are reasonable for what they’re offering and is something I would happily pay for the comfort they’ve given me during a time when support is much needed to get through the days. I think these products would make a great gift for a mum to be, especially someone who like me is in that first trimester and needs a pick me up. Or how even giving the water enhancer and bump to baby bars to a new mum as a treat.  Hooray for Mum Kind!