We’re Getting A Dog!

So much for me saying we’ll hang on until the boys are older, I gave in after meeting ‘the one’. It was love at first sight. We went to the Dogs Trust Open Day with the expectations of the Man falling in love with a dog and begging to bring one home. Unexpectedly it was me that caved, as the dogs that needed homes were walking around the field hearing about ‘Dellboy’ and just watching him, had me in tears. Like actual tears, the man was nudging me to stop it as I was making a scene. I didn’t want to hear about the other dogs after that, marched the family straight over to the kennels so I could find out more about Dellboy.

Everything about him sounded perfect, the more we heard, the more we loved. It stated that he wasn’t to live with under 8s, we found out why they thought this, and we chatted about coming back when it wasn’t so busy to meet Dellboy and get to know him and see what he and the children were like together. We didn’t go straight back, we went away and didn’t discuss it. But as the days went on none of could stop thinking about Dellboy and it was only when we told each other this that we went the very next day to see if anyone else had taken an interest in him and had snapped him up.

They hadn’t. We took this as a sign, and since then we’ve taken the time to get to know Dellboy as a family.

It’s a sad but typical story of how he came to the Dog’s Trust; he was used over in Ireland as a badger baiter. He came to them in a mess, he has scars over his face, and his lip hangs from where a badger caught him. This was back in January; he’s been at the Trust for several months. This itself was so sad for us to hear. He did get adopted at the beginning of the year but was returned because no one would visit this person when they heard they had a staffy. Again this made me extremely sad. There’s such a stereotype when the word ‘Staffy’ is mentioned. I hope I can help squash those by showing over the next few months how much of a loving pet one can be.

Because of the badger baiting, he can’t be around small furry’s so it’s lucky we’ve not got any hamsters/rabbits around. We have no cats, and thankfully our garden seems to be a quiet place when it comes to other small animals. If anything we’re hoping Dellboy will be a great use to us with scaring around the birds from our veg plot. Reading about how he’s changed over the last several months has just shown us what a fantastic job the Dog’s Trust have done to turn this dog around, you only have to be at the center for 10 minutes to see the fantastic relationship the staff have with these dogs. I cannot thank them enough for the work they’ve put into our future pet, as a family we cant wait to give him that opportunity he needs just to be loved, to be cared for in a environment where the loves just doesn’t stop flowing.

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