Want To Change Something? Then Change It!

So it’s no secret here or over my Twitter that I’m a rather loud and proud supporter of the Bounty Mutiny campaign. I’m not going to make this post too much about it, just check out the latest going on over on the campaign round-up board. I want to talk about replies I’ve heard with regards to this campaign from those against it or not quite sure what they make about it. The main one being ‘well there are more important things to be shouting about’.

This to me is the most stupid thing you can say to someone wanting to make a change about something. Who are you to tell me that? Who are you to tell me there is something much more important out there? Who are you to tell me to waste my energy on something else?

The last I checked, I’m me. I’m a person. I’m a person with a voice. I’m a person with a voice who has a blog. I’m a person who uses that voice on social media networks. Who are you to tell me how to use that voice?

I’m not swearing, I’m not making threats, and I’m not I’m not shouting (I guess on social media that means using capital letters.) The last I looked, I didn’t need to do that on Twitter to be heard. I know the #BountyMutiny campaign and fellow supporters do not need to do this as the campaign is going from strength to strength each day. We dont need to abuse anyone or make anything personal to make this campaign heard. It speaks for itself.

Social media is something that works for me; it helps me to project my voice. Helps me talk to others and engage in conversation, be it everyday chatter or a discussion about something such as #BountyMutiny it works for me. Twitter is brilliant; you’re able to fill your timeline with people you want to follow, who share similar interests and who’s tweet you want to read. It works the same the other way, they follow you if they want to read your tweets and want to listen to what you’re saying. If they didn’t want to, then they only have to unfollow. Simple, right?

You would think so. Apparently, it only takes you unfollowing someone for them to unfollow you, dare I use the word wimp? Why not unfollow the moment you decide that you no longer want to read what I was saying, what kept you reading? A couple of tweeters I unfollowed because they were moaning about the tweets they saw in their timeline, you would think they had never heard of the unfollow button. These are the same people who are telling you to do change something different and waste your energy on something else. They take the time to moan about their timeline being filled with stuff they dont want to read, is it just me that finds that ironic and mind-boggling?

It’s like those who go looking for trouble, those who will come and read your timeline. You dont follow them, they dont follow you. They are just plain nosy & I guess they find it some kind of ego boost if something you’ve tweeted could even possibly sound like a reference to them. If you dont want to know what someone puts in there personal space, simply dont read. Don’t type in that URL, dont browse for that username, Instead try that phrase ‘turn a blind eye’. I know I do it, I couldn’t give two hoots what anyone says about me. I rock, I know.

Twitter has an etiquette that I’ve come to understand over the years; you can jump in with conversations, people like that. Some of my best conversations are when you’re trying to squeeze in 140 characters as well as a group of twitter handles because you’re neck deep in conversation with like-minded people. When jumping in on a hashtag with various comments, this will open you up to conversations with anyone and everyone, including people that dont follow you. I replied to someone using the exact hashtag I’ve been talking about, and they turned around and said they wished not to talk about it, I had to roll my eyes and wonder why exactly they used that hashtag then?
Today, I’m shouting about #BountyMutiny because it’s something that to me personally means something, it’s something I want to change. Tomorrow it may be something else. Who knows?

This is my voice, and you can’t tell me what to do with it. Do you want to change something? Then use your voice, because mine’s taken.