The New Duplo Valley Splash & Play At Legoland

LEGOLAND invited us to the opening of DUPLO Valley’s new Splash & Play Park at it’s Windsor resort. Of course being a LEGO mad household we happily accepted that invite and joined blogging families and some celebrity’s as we celebrated its opening. With the four-year-old just graduating from LEGO Duplo on to the more grown up LEGO and the one-year-old discovering DUPLO, it’s a LEGO range which is played with on a daily basis so, to the boys, everything from the blocks to the large animals was familiar to them.

Talking about the day once we had left with the four-year-old, this is what stood out to him most. It was the playing of these characters in fun different way, watching the Giraffes and the Lion squirt water. LEGOLAND have hit the spot here with the children with combining both LEGO & water, there is so much for your little one to do once they hit the splash and play park that you won’t once hear the words ‘I’m bored’, but you may find it difficult to wrench them away when it comes to leaving time.

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To celebrate the opening of Splash Towers, Natasha Hamilton was there to receive one major big splash. This was entertaining to watch for us all, and the four-year-old has already noted to us that this is where he wants to play when we next go to visit. With the weather so nice lately, I know this would be my ideal place to go and cool down.

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We came away from the Splashpark with a lovely goodie bag from the ladies that invited us; I just have to share these fantastic cookies we found inside of them. Pretty sure there was an elephant as well, but that was long demolished before I got a chance to grab a photo.

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We’ve not been back to LEGOLAND since the baby was born when it comes to Theme parks and anywhere else like this I fear what it’s going to be like taking a baby. Will it cater to our needs? Will the baby be bored? LEGOLAND is the first place we’ve come across that allowed us freedom to have fun with our shiny new 1-year-old. So he’s not quite towards that 2 stage but not left those baby months behind. When it came to some rides the rule was as long as they can sit down next to you it’s allowed. I can’t express my delight at being able to let the baby experience his first rides, for him not to have to sit in his pushchair and watch his big brother have all the fun.

Everything from highchairs to baby changing rooms was supplied, we didn’t have to go hunting far for these. From the moment we arrived at the Splashpark, we could easily access a baby changing room, and we continued to experience this as we made our journey around the park later on in the day.

We all went on our first ride in the park together, Atlantis. Which is a submarine which allowed us to see all kind of sea animals under the water? Yes, really! It was fantastic watching the boy’s expressions as they looked through the glass as we moved through the ‘sea’. The boating was an experience for us all, watching his amazement as he sailed around on boats for the first time was enjoyment in itself. He loves taking in all the views around us, and I’m pretty sure if he could speak, he would be joining in with the ‘wows’ coming from his big brother.

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The 4-year-old was made up when it came to leaving the splash park and realising what other fun there was to be had at the park. Everything was ‘amazing’ to him (his words), and it was a thrill for us to watch him experiencing all this fun. We as adults enjoyed ourselves; the Man found the miniland intriguing! Seeing all our familiar landmarks recreated using LEGO bricks.

We were spoilt for choice when it came to our food options; we eventually picked somewhere that had the tastiest BBQ chicken. I’m easily sold with the words ‘BBQ’ & ‘Chicken’. They had family friendly options which catered especially for the children. They also supplied us with highchairs, which fit at the table at the right height for the babies. You do not know how many places I come across that do supply highchairs, but they just don’t match the height of the tables.

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Part of me wishes we had booked into the Resort Hotel so that we could have experienced the weekend for longer; there’s just so much we could have done and how we wanted to do everything we enjoyed over and over again. We just cannot wait to go back!