No More Packed Lunches

So reading the news this morning while feeding the baby, the headline ‘Ban Packed Lunches‘ caught my eye. Now we have not quite started school yet, but in several weeks we will be joining in with the politics of school life. I’ve already planned to provide the 4-year-old with packed lunches each day as his meal.

At the same time, I’m fuming that they could even consider taking this choice away from parents. This our choice, it’s always been a parents choice how we feed our children, and this has continued for many years. I remember having packed lunches as a child growing up, but then this is probably because my parents had three children. Wouldn’t have been cheap to of seen us through school dinners each day. But then we would go home after school, after playing and sit down to have a hot family meal in the evening.

Are they even considering those who dont qualify for ‘free’ school meals? I plan on having three children, that would be three lots of school dinners. I think it would probably be £50 a month for one child, probably more than that the way prices go up over the years. So that would be £150 I’m paying out for a meal which I would probably have to repeat later on that day after school. A packed lunch can suffice my children for the day, alongside with snacks at playtime.

There is no way anyone is taking this choice away from me as a parent, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in thinking all I’ve said above. I’m more than capable of providing my children with a with healthy packed lunch, how dare they suggest I won’t do so. They note children are leaving school obese and inactive, here’s an idea… Instead of pumping money into the latest technology for the classroom, all those shiny ipads. How about taking the kids out into the playgrounds and spending that screen time, moving around? Pretty sure kids have enough screen time at home to not need anymore once at school.

How about giving the parents education on fantastic packed lunch ideas? Ideas and ways they can make packed lunches healthy? I think they all should be sent copies of A Mother’s Ramblings blog who sends her children to school with some of the most fantastic packed lunch ideas I’ve ever seen. Here at home, we’ve got a veg plot bursting with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and all sorts of other stuff which will be used in the ingredients for our future packed lunches. If they’re telling me that’s not healthy and pleasing to my pocket, then they’re going to have a fight on their hands.

What are your thoughts?