Not Just Yet Boobs


This week didn’t start too well on the Breastfeeding front for me; I was worried it was going to come to an end because of me playing silly buggers with my supply. It was the longest I was away from the baby since he’s been born, the last feed I gave him was 7 am Friday morning, and I didn’t get back until 8 pm Saturday night. My Friday evening my boobs were incredibly full and they were sore come bedtime, come the morning something needed doing about them. I tried to hand express but I was getting drips at the speed of 1 per 10seconds. I would of been there all morning and I had somewhere to be.

They got worse throughout the day, you would think I should of took my breast pump but it just doesn’t work for me anymore. I guess my boobs have just got so used to the routine of what we do and so used to the baby, that he’s the only one can unlock them. Hand expressing as I said it a painfully slow process. That Sunday evening I was in lots of pain and realised I had split near to my nipple, I guess I had let them get that full that I had did this. I’m 99.9% sure the baby didn’t catch me with his teeth as I would of felt that. That evening feeding didn’t feel right, it was like my supply had dried up. He looked at me as to ask ‘where’s it done?’ with which I couldn’t give a answer. I put him down to sleep, he wasn’t happy and I wasn’t happy.

I had a major freak out; my boobs didn’t seem to be working. After 14 months I was wondering if this was it, especially when the next morning nothing seems to have came in. I knew I had effected my supply. Thankfully I have the most wonderful kind of friends to call on for help, I explained what had happened, and they gave me this advice..

Northern Mum : Get warm cloths and go lay in bath, your supply should be fine just need to encourage the flow, heat and express.

Mum of 3 Boys : Drink plenty of fluids, and warm flannels on. if you can express little milk and gently rub over split, will help healing process.

Mummy and the Chunks : A lot of people say stick cabbage leaves in your bra when they are really sore. Bless Carly, this was actually the best advice I ever received for engorgement (opposite to my problem now) when the 4 year old was a baby and my milk eventually came in. Sitting in the bath with cabbage on my boobs was relief at it’s finest.

Cosmicgirlie : Go back to expressing and/or feeding as you would do normally, as soon as you can, and your supply will return to normal.

Snaffles’ Mummy : Warm flannels, express drop of milk onto crack, lots of air. Body will think it needs less milk, plenty of feeding to get supply up again.

Loved By Parents : If you can get any, put breastmilk on your boobs:)

Diary Of A First Child : Increase your oats intake, fennel and nettle, and express as often as you can, and nurse him as much or little as he will. It takes a good 24 hours or more before you start seeing increase again. Also, just because you can’t FEEL milk doesn’t mean it isn’t there, or he isn’t getting! If you’re very very worried, you can not give him water etc, just breast, and then see how many wet nappies he has.


I did pretty much everything my dear blogger friends suggested, and today Wednesday I have two boobs full of milk and raring to go. So very grateful for the friends I have, the support network I have when it comes to Breastfeeding is priceless. I know my milk never went, it was there somewhere but I knew I confused my boobs but not giving them access to the baby for all that time. I wont be doing that in a hurry again, I’m enjoying what we have going on. This me and him time, the way I have it on tap to feed, comfort and nurse him whenever it’s needed. This is one luxury that neither of us are willing to part with just yet.