Cybher 2013


I went +Cybher™ ..

Arrived a few hours late.. As you do..

Saw +Claire Archbold +Sian To the founders..

Got handed a free +The Leather Satchel Co.



Sulked because I missed the keep it legal session..

Caught up with old blogging friends.. +KARA SPENCER  +Danielle Parker +Lauren Goodchild +Clare Nicholas +Laura Weight +Tara Cain +Joanne Mallon +Joanne D +Susan Mann +amy sheridan +Merry Raymond +becky gower +Monika Mumonthebrink +cherished byme

Ate some more..

Admired some pregnant bloggers wearing dresses from +Crave Maternity

Matched faces to blogging names.. +My Two Mums +Helpful Mum +Ella Tabb +Emily Leary +Rachel Gully +Elizabeth Locke +Fi Star-Stone +Elaine Croft

Went to ‘sh*t you didn’t know’ with +Sian To & +Claire Archbold and actually learnt some sh*t that I didn’t know. +Nickie O’Hara was meant to lead this as well but sadly couldn’t make it. Thankfully we can all stalk her over at +Geekalicious  to learn some stuff.

Cuddled lots of babies..

Watched +Jay M take awesome photos. Watched +Jay M try to rob me of my blue bottle from Homebarn. Told +Jay M where to go.

Tried to take a Coca Cola crate from Homebarn. Wouldn’t fit in my new pod size +The Leather Satchel Co. ..

Ate chocolate brownie..

Listened to Donal Macintyre chat about ‘The Art of Modern Storytelling’.. I have to admit I may have hung on to every.single.word. he said thanks to that irresistible Irish accent of his..

Missed +Catherine Warrilow who created the most amazing video message about her not being able to attend and featured me as a troll…

Entered a competition to win a Ipad with E.on (I didn’t win)

Made new blogging friends.. +Ella Ralph +Mummy and Boo …

Ate even more..

Went to the ‘Pinteresting’ session led by +Natalie Lue & +Claire Archbold and not thinking I was going to learn anything new, but did.. LOTS. So much I accidentally took to live tweeting the whole session so I could share it with the rest of twittersphere…

Thought it cool when +Sian To closed the day off and chatted about a blogger who became a blogger because she found a +The Leather Satchel Co. from last year’s +Cybher™ in a charity shop and was so curious by it, that she googled Cybher and it led her to attend Cybher. Amazing or what?

Actually did cry when I saw that +Sian To mentioned me by name in a lovely message on the back of the schedule.

Drank cocktails and wine with +Ella Ralph making us even better friends 😉

Was eternally grateful to CBIS for sponsoring the cocktail party and stopping me from paying London prices for drinks.

Ate little things which were like several slices of cheese on toast rolled into one with +Ashley Spencer

Had my new drinking friend +Ella Ralph try to convince me something had chicken in, I wasn’t convinced…

It felt like Christmas when +Elaine Croft produced 4 boxes of Sonny Angel’s. It felt like a Birthday & Christmas rolled into one for +Sian To …

Found a crazy log lazy in the form of +Erica Whiteman

Stole +Fi Star-Stone sarong from +Freya Lingerie and ran around the bar in it..

Took silly photos with +Laura Weight ..

Went to sleep buzzing with all the amazing information I had taken on board, still buzzing now..

Read my new magazine from +Mollie Makes on the train home and have been inspired to find my crafty side..