Would You Hang Your Baby Up?

Babykeeper Basic/Mother’s who created it…
Do you not like babies? I’m all for mothers creating fantastic products that make our lives easier as parents. But I seem to have found a BIG flaw in this so-called product which leaves us mothers hands-free. It has hooks right, which keep baby hanging over whatever you’ve chosen to take babies weight? Well, what if the person on the other side of that cubicle had no idea that those hooks were hanging a baby and simply unhooked it?
What would happen then? The baby would fall to the ground. Possibly even seriously injuring themselves, and no one would be to blame but the parent who put the baby in that contraction. I instantly can’t see any benefit to it when it puts a baby at risk like that. It’s not like a baby carrier in any way, when you put a baby in a carrier against your body. You are solely responsible for protecting that baby. There is no risk of someone coming along and unhooking baby.
That point aside, how about causing damage to babies hips? Did they even consider the ultimate optimal ergonomic position? You only have to surf Emma and 3 for a few minutes before learning all about DDH. She’s blogged her thoughts on this here.
It’s on sale over in America, and that’s exactly where I hope it stays. Sorry but this is one product I won’t be putting my baby in just to wee hands-free.
What are your thoughts? Would you buy something like this just to simply make your life easier for a couple of minutes?